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Beauty to last
The morning of your wedding day will be chaotic whirl of flowers, clothes and maybe a few tears. Putting lipstick and mascara on straight won’t be as easy as usual, so why not hire a hair and make up artist to make you look your very best?
Here are a few pointers to consider choosing the right one for you:
♥ Do they offer a trial session? Deciding on shades, matching skin tones and talking through the look you want are best done in advance.
♥ Try out different hair styles, up and down and remember to match your bridal dress style.
♥ Will your bridesmaids and your mother have their hair and make up done professionally too? If so, discuss a time frame to allow everybody enough attention on the day.
♥ You might want to consider having the artist on hand throughout the day for any touch ups. Stray locks and fresh lipstick will be one less thing to worry about.
♥ Talk to a few different artists before coming to a decision. Each one will have their own style and ideas so choose the perfect one for you.

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