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Case Studies
Wastege Ltd work with the Environmental Agency
in £70k Hazardous waste clean up
This was by far the worst land contamination Wastege has ever
had to deal with but the team worked closely with the environmental agency to ensure this huge contaminated space was fully cleared and restored.
Wastege remove all hazardous waste after
chemical blast in the East Riding
After a chemical blast in Pocklington, Wastege worked across the weekend to remove all hazardous waste from the burnt wreckage and managed the demolition of all the buildings after the fire.
Wastege Industrial Services Laboratory
Clean Up
Wastege tackled laboratories in East Yorkshire to restore stations to their former glory. Our methodical cleaning saw us remove each area to be treated in a number of stages and repeated to ensure all residues, ash and even the majority of stubborn chemical spills had been removed from all areas. Our team worked unremittingly to add 5 extra testing stations within the lab.
Toxic Waste Clean Up
Wastege Ltd were awarded a contract to manage, remove and dispose of “Toxic Waste” containing Arsenic and Cyanide from a rear of a housing estate and a nearby School.
The waste was a deadly material that can cause fatalities through Inhalation and in-gestation. We had to take our time to manually remove the waste from the site wearing full PPE and respirators after the waste was illegally dumped.
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