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About Us
We specialise in offering quality innovative environmental services that contribute to sustainable development
and provide value to our customers.
We are a fast growing Waste Management & Industrial Services company, with new technologies, latest equipment and innovative ideas within these industries. Our services vary from:
• Waste Recycling
• Hazardous/Liquid Waste Disposal
• Industrial Services (Jetting, Cleaning, Labour Services)
• Environmental Services, (Support/Advise & Training)
• Confidential Destruction (CCTV & Witness Service)
• Waste Management Audits.(For best practice & Compliance) • Waste to Energy services
We have a management team with expert knowledge, which cover every aspect of the waste management industry. We will ensure our clients maximise their environmental compliance as well as help reduce their carbon footprint.
Working in a partnership with other waste management organisations gives us the strengths and services which no other single company can provide.
 Our clients
glazing solutions
        Wastege Waste Management Limited, Gibson Lane, Melton HU14 3HN, T: 01482 821371, E:

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