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Clinical pharmacy Code 901  Coronavirus                   Am I at risk?
Fifth year                  disease
                            (COVID-19)                     Due to changes in your body
 TA: Dr. Nourhan Emera      pandemic                       and immune systems, you can
 Student IDs: 758 - 765                                    be badly affected by some
                            TO keep updated visit WHO *    respiratory infections.

Pregnancy                   Due to the difficulty to               It is therefore
     and                    distinguish covid-19 and flu       important that you
                            from their symptoms alone,        take precautions to
 Covid-19                   it is necessary to take
                            influenza vaccine this year          protect yourself
                            more than ever.                    against COVID-19.

                                                          Is my baby at risk?

                                                           The risk of passing the virus
                                                           to a fetus is still not known.

                                                           Currently there is no evidence
                                                           of any fetal malformations due
                                                           to maternal infection with

                                                                It is safe to deliver your
                                                                baby in a hospital even
                                                             during COVID-19 Pandemic
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