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 Holy Warriors: Saint eustathius and Saint Mercurius, Gračanica, 1318–1321
Gračanica, endowment of King Milutin, was built on former foundations and painted around 1320. Highly valuable frescos are pre- served in the main church of the Monastery, real achievements in the style of the so-called Palaelogan Renaissance in view of the excel- lent drawing skill of artists, lovely movements of perfectly modeled figures and harmony of colors. as was the manner of the time, the lowest zones of the walls depict holy warriors, who with their earthly exploits and martyr death, raised themselves to ideal of Christian faith. Those heroes are presented as strong, stout, and skillful armored soldiers, archers, fighters. Saints eustathios and Mercurius are equipped with weapons most probably used by soldiers of King Milutin in their expeditions against Byzantine troops. Swords, spears, arch and bow, shields, adorned helmets, coats of mail with short tunics on top, were usually worn by 14th century warriors. On the Gračanica frescos they move gracefully, quickly pull their swords unaware of the burden they shoulder, emanating supernatural power and heroic beauty admired by believers.
The Last Judgement, detail: Personification of the Sea, narthex, west wall, Gračanica, 1318–1321
The art of Gračanica

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