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  Book of Four Gospels, Opening Page of Memorial Book of Dečani monastery,
the Gospel of Luke, Manuscript No 6, ca. 1400 written and decorated by Dimitrije Daskal, 1595
Books are a special and precious part of the Monastery of Dečani treasury. about 160 manuscripts and 17 old printed books, which were part of the former monastery library, have been preserved to the present time, making it a Serbian collection second only to the one in the monastery of Hilandar. The manuscripts are written on parchment and on paper and almost all of them are in medieval Serbian. judging from their contents, they were mostly intended for liturgical use: Tetraevangelia, apostola (epistle Lectionaries), Hieratica, Menaia, Horologia. There are also works of patristic and as- cetic literature, a few of the oldest Serbian verse Prologues, as well as manuscripts directly associated with the cult of the Holy King Stefan of Dečani. Of special importance is the collection of charters and other documents bearing witness to the long and exciting history of the monastery.
Octoechos from Crnojević Printing House, 1494 Printed Festal Menaion of Božidar Vuković, 1536-1538
  Epistle Lectionary, 1350–1360, manuscript No 25, Dečani

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