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Church of Saint Nicholas
The church of Saint Nicholas, at the graveyard above the village, was built and painted by 1345. in that year, nun Mar- ta was buried in that church, mother of landowner Gradi- slav Sušenica, which is inscribed on her tombstone. it is supposed that the temple was built by the parents of land- owner Gradislav in the second quarter of the 14th century. The church is an one-nave building covered with semi-oval vault, with the apse three-sided from outside and semi- -circular inside. The wall between narthex and naos was removed. Part of the original wall paintings is preserved only on the western wall which, by its style, belongs to the time of King Dušan. it is supposed that the paintings were commissioned by Gradislav Sušenica himself. The scenes of the cycle of St. Nicholas include, inter alia, the composi- tion of St. Sava and St. Simeon Nemanja bowing to the icon of Virgin Mary with Christ. after the renewal in the 16th century, the church was repainted. above the zone of stand- ing saints, there are busts in medallions and the cycles of Great Feasts, Passion of Christ and St. Nicholas, while the akathist Hymn, Christ’s miracles and parables and the Last judgment are illustrated in narthex. Conservation works on the paintings were carried out in the 1970–1975 period.
Church of Saint Nicholas, Velika Hoča, 14th–16th century
Velika Hoča
  Cycle of Saint Nicholas, remains of 14th century fresco painting, west wall, Church of Saint Nicholas, Velika Hoča

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