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Kosovo Polje—Gazimestan
Memorial Complex of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo
The historical area of the Kosovo Battle which took place in 1389, i.e. the central place of clash between the Serbian and Ottoman armies, is a unique whole
consisting of the monument to the Kosovo heroes in the shape of medieval tower, built in 1953 and designed by alek- sandar Deroko, Murat’s turbeh and Gazimestan turbeh (Bar- jaktar’s [flag bearer] turbeh). The area of the Gazimestan, Plandište, Tresevina and Lazarevo memorial complex is bordering, on the north, with the Bakšija area; on the north- -east with the Brnjica river, on the east with the town of Donja Brnjica and the Ravnište area; on the south with the Orlović area and town; and on the west with the Široko Polje and Mazgit areas with the town of Gornji Mazgit. The road to Priština on the western side is partially bordering with and partially passing through the area. The central place is the tower, 25 m high, whose interior is inscribed by the verses of the Kosovo poem cycle. There is a platform on the top of the tower overlooking the area of the Kosovo Battle. On the occasion of the celebration of the sixth cen- tury from the Kosovo Battle, art applications in cast bronze symbolizing the jubilee years were made around the tower. a white monolith marble column with the text by Despot Stefan Lazarević was erected in the vicinity of the monu- ment.
Tomb of Sultan Murat, Gazimestan at Kosovo Field
Inscription from the epic ballad on Kosovo
on the monument to Kosovo heroes at Kosovo Field
Whoever is a Serb, of Serbian blood, Whoever shares with me this heritage, And he comes not to fight at Kosovo, May he never have the progeny
His heart desires, neither son nor daughter; Beneath his hand let nothing decent grow— Neither purple grapes nor wholesome wheat; Let him rust away like dripping iron Until his name shall be extinguished!

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