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Supper of Princes in Kosovo, lithograph, adam Stefanović, 1871 Prince Lazar Chooses
the Kingdom of Heaven
a grey bird, a falcon, took off
From the Holy Land, from jerusalem, Carrying a bird, a swallow.
That wasn’t a grey bird, a falcon,
But that was Saint elijah.
and he did not carry a bird, a swallow, But a book from the Mother of God, Which he brought to the Tsar in Kosovo. He put the book on the Tsar’s knee,
On its own the book spoke to the Tsar: “Tsar Lazar, man of noble lineage,
which kingdom will you choose?
Do you prefer the heavenly kingdom
Or do you prefer the earthly one?
if you prefer the earthly kingdom,
Saddle up your horses, grasp the reins! Knights, take up your swords,
and rush an attack against the Turks– The entire Turkish army will perish!
if you prefer the kingdom of Heaven, Then erect a church in Kosovo Field: Don’t build its foundation with marble But make it of pure silk and crimson cloth.
Then take Communion together with your army, For all your men will die,
and you, Tsar, will perish with them.”
When the Tsar heard these words,
He thought long and hard.
“Dear God, what shall i do?
Which kingdom should i choose?
Should i choose the heavenly kingdom
Or should i choose the earthly one?
if i choose the earthly kingdom,
it will last only a short time,
But the kingdom of Heaven is eternal.”
and the prince chose the kingdom of Heaven Rather than the earthly kingdom.
and he erected a church in Kosovo.
He didn’t build its foundation with marble
But made it of pure silk and crimson cloth.
He called the Serbian patriarch
and twelve great bishops,
and he took Communion together with his army.
A Serbian epic poem

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