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St. Nikolai of Žiča (Velimirović)
 Paterik from the Patriarchate of Peć, lower part of the page with the inscription on the Battle of Kosovo by Pahomije who wrote it between june 28 and august 31, 1389, and today represents the oldest preserved document on that event
 Old Ragusan Report on the Battle of Kosovo
“1389 On the 15th June, on the Day of St Vitus—it was Tuesday—there was a battle between Serbs and Ottomans AmongsttheSerbswereDespotLazar,theKing,andVukBrankovichandVlatkoVukov- ich, the Dukes There was great slaughter, as much among the Turks as the Serbs, and few returned to their own country Both Tsar Murat and the King of Serbia were killed ; and victory was not granted either to the Turks or the Serbs, so great was the carnage And the battle took place on the Field of Kossovo”
Old Ragusan Report (Monumenta Spectantia Historiam Slavorum Meridionalium, XiV., Zagrabiae, p. 48.)

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