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ally anti-Serbian system and subsequently adopted by all Serb haters near and far, including many europeans and ameri- cans). When the albanians began to arm themselves, the weapons trading involved participation by the regime’s mafia; then Milošević with his Communist arrogance and pretentious incompetence only increased the existing al- banian lawlessness, and provided suitable excuses for the existing hatred of the Serbs among some people in the West for the imposition of their neo-colonialist expansion and imposition “by hook or by crook” of their own inter- ests in the Balkans.41 Thus Milošević and his regime cre- ated, out of a few hundred albanian armed “Kosovo Lib- eration army” members, an entire armed guerrilla con- sisting of tens of thousands of armed and fanaticized alba- nians, among whom there were more than a few notorious terrorists, and with the help, of course, of U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke with whom Milošević exclusively spent days and weeks—in October 1998—“talking and negotiat- ing” without anyone knowing what or how or what he promised or agreed to for he submitted no reports to any- one regarding these matters (just as in the case of his secret talks with Franjo Tudjman). Only after the famous “agree- ment” between Milošević and Holbrooke in October 1998, when the Serbian state, albeit in the form of the neo-Com- munist Republic, completely lost authority in Kosovo and Metohija—against which the Serbs of Kosovo and Meto- hija and with them, i.e. before them the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raška and Prizren immediately reacted but no one listened or heeded them—the double-sided, lethal, tan- gled web of terror and anti-terror throughout Kosovo be- gan to unravel, finishing with the NaTO bombing of the doubly unfortunate Kosovo and Metohija Serbs and the triumph of the KLa over Serbian national and spiritual being and life, cities and villages, churches and monaster- ies in Kosovo and Metohija.
after the Kumanovo capitulation (june 10, 1999) and the unprecedented in Serbian history general flight from the Field of Kosovo, while Milošević and his regime shame- lessly celebrated their “victory” over the NaTO aggressor, throughout Kosovo and Metohija NaTO and the KLa cel- ebrated their “victories” over 200,000 expelled Serbs, over a thousand murdered, slaughtered and massacred, even more kidnapped, over 110 and more burned, destroyed and blown up Serbian Orthodox Holy Shrines from the Middle ages to the 20th century, over the emptying of almost all of Metohija and all cities in it, and the tragically more than half emptying of Serbs from Kosovo. if both Milošević and NaTO are “victors” in Kosovo then either both of them are truly humanly defeated before God and divine and human
41 according to The Washington Post “the Cia and NaTO have beenworkingwiththeKLasincelastapril,”i.e.since1988(D.Simeu- nović, Bitka za Kosovo (The Battle for Kosovo)), presentation at the all-amer- ican Congress, Pueblo, Mexico, autumn 1999; in the anthology Nova Kosovska Golgota (The New Kosovo Golgotha), Svetigora, Cetinje 2000, vol. 3, p. 428).
MeMORaNDUM onKosovoandMetohija
justice or this is a lie unprecedented in history by its impu- dence and just another, if not the last, post-modern farce of the “New World Order” over the sad and tragic history of Crucified Serbian Kosovo.
Situation in Kosovo and Metohija immediately prior to the beginning of the most recent conflict
The tragedy of the Kosovo and Metohija drama was espe- cially intensified at the end of the 1990s when the Kosovo albanians, in conjunction with intensive activity by their lobbies among the emigrant community and arms deliver- ies following the state crisis in albania in 1997, created the necessary conditions for the organization of an armed re- bellion. Unfortunately, the erroneous policies of the cor- rupt Milošević regime provided an immediate cause and even greater élan for the decades-old plans of the albanians, which are based on the idea that all albanians throughout the Balkans should be united “in one state”—Greater alba- nia—whose new center would be Kosovo, the richest and most developed region in which they live.42
even though the Serbian state at the end of the 1980’s was forced to prevent the realization of a plan for secession by limiting the so-called autonomy of Kosovo and Meto- hija, nevertheless since 1989 Kosovo and Metohija was not ruled by the Serbian people but by a team of state apparat- chiks and rich albanian private businessmen who concen- trated their great personal wealth through various illegal businesses while the majority of the ordinary population, especially the Serbs, continued to live in misery and poverty without any positive outlook for the future. easily bought state and police organs enabled the illegal delivery of larger quantities of weapons from albania but also from Serbia and Bosnia. Unfortunately, cases where the Serbs them- selves sold weapons to the albanian separatists were not rare. instead of a constructive, rational, democratic and domestically prudent state policy to discourage the uncon- trolled demographic and economic growth of the alba- nians by legal measures, especially their accumulation of wealth by smuggling, drug trade and other illegal activities, while on the other hand economically encouraging the de- velopment of Serbian regions and settlement by young, well-educated cadres from other parts of the country, the state did just the opposite. While the political regime si- lently tolerated coexistence with albanian parallel political structures along with regular acceptance of bribes which slid into the private pockets of Milošević’s clerks, the illu- sion of some form of activity was reflected in haughty and
42 This is confirmed not only by the existence of published maps indicating the borders of “Greater albania” but also by books and propaganda materials being distributed throughout the Balkans, eu- rope and america without anyone in the international community reacting to this Nazism, in whose service even the islamic propa- ganda of “genetic engineering” has been placed.

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