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their three children were in the house at the time of the attack. On august 11 local albanians seriously wounded Serb Dragan Tonić (age 44) close to the village of Skulano- vo near Lipljan. Tonic was shot in the mouth while he was fishing in the Sitnica river and died shortly thereafter (au- gust 18).
On Wednesday, august 13, two Serbian teenagers from the village of Goraždevac near Peć were killed and six oth- ers wounded as they were swimming in the Bistrica River. a group of Serbian children was fired upon with machine guns by unknown assailants. according to eyewitnesses, the shots came from the direction of the ethnic albanian village of Zahac. Pantelija Dakić (age 11) and ivan jovović (19) died on the scene, while Djordje Ugrenović (20), Bog- dan Bukumirić (14), Marko Bogićević (12) and Dragana Sr- bljak (13) were seriously wounded. a related incident oc- curred when an albanian mob attacked Serb Milivoje Pavlović as he was driving some of the Serbian children wounded in the attack to the hospital. Families of the wounded Serb teenagers who were initially hospitalized in the albanian run hospital in Peć complained that the chil- dren were not offered proper medical treatment. after ex- amination in the Serb hospital in North Mitrovica Serb medical experts ascertained that the children were inten- tionally given wrong treatment. Serbian Medical Society issued a strong protest due to this serious abuse of the medical profession. Despite universal horror and oppro- brium the perpetrators of this horrendous crime in Goraž- devac were never found and brought to justice.
The night of august 14 Serb returnees to village of Gra- bac near Klina also came under intense gunfire. The morn- ing of august 15 albanians set fire to the Serbian cemetery in the village of Bresje near Kosovo Polje. On august 17 albanian extremists again opened fire on five children in the center of Goraždevac; luckily, this time there were no casualties. The shots were said to come from the direction of the albanian village of Grabovac. On august 18 a car owned by Serb Stanko Filipović was riddled with bullets from a Kalashnikov in the village of Mozgovo near Gnji- lane. The next day Gnjilane police advised they were search- ing for persons believed to be members of an albanian terrorist organization who had raped and beaten up an el- derly Serb woman, Vukosava ivković of Gnjilane.
On august 26 three unknown men attempted to kid- nap a 10 year-old Serbian girl, Marina Damjanović from the village of Dobrosin near Lipljan. according to her tes- timony and eyewitnesses, three albanian men in a white Mercedes with foreign license plates stopped briefly next to her and attempted to pull her into the vehicle. The child managed to escape and fled to a neighboring house, calling for help, while the car drove away at high speed. The same night Zoran Dončić (age 38), a Serb returnee to the village of Biča near Klina, was shot in the stomach by a sniper when he and two friends went to search for a lost cow outside the village. On august 27 a group of albanian youths stoned a
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Niš express bus transporting some 40 Serb passengers on the route from Štrpce to Belgrade near Kosovska Vitina. The night of august 27 unknown persons damaged the church of St. Demetrius in the village of Sušica near Gra- čanica.
The night of august 31 one Serb man was killed and four others wounded in Cernica near Gnjilane when a hand grenade was tossed at a Serb-owned store. Miomir Savić (age 35) died of his wounds after a grenade was tossed from an abandoned Serb house where eyewitnesses said KFOR police subsequently found a detonator and a large quantity of explosives. On September 26 two young ethnic alba- nians beat up a 71 year-old Serb man, janko janković of Prizren.
On November 5 Sofijanka jovanović-Perić, a 72 year- old Serbian woman, passed away at Belgrade’s Military Medical academy a month after she was wounded in Gn- jilane. She was shot on October 4 by Ramush Halimi from the Gnjilane village of Livoč, who did not want to vacate her house, which he and his family had illegally appropri- ated several years ago. On November 7 UNMiK police spokesman Derek Chappell confirmed that the indictment against Ramush Halimi, arrested for attempted murder, has been amended to suspicion of murder after her death two days ago. On November 9 aleksandar Stojković, a 75 year-old Kosovo Serb from the Gnjilane region, sustained serious injuries after being beaten up by a group of five or six albanians while grazing his livestock. Stojković sus- tained a broken jaw, broken ribs and serious head injuries after being pistol-whipped by his attackers. They wrapped him in nylon and pushed him into a stream. On November 13 an explosive device was planted in a destroyed home belonging to displaced Serbs from the village of Mušutište near Suva Reka on the eve of the arrival of seven Serb fam- ilies who wanted to visit their properties and learn more about conditions for return. KFOR troops found the bomb in one of the houses and removed it before it exploded. On November 16 Danijel Milošević, an 18 year-old Serb from the village of Mogila near Gnjilane, was killed while tilling his field. Milošević was shot in the head with a handgun. Local residents of Mogila said that several albanians shot the young Serb on his tractor. On November 21 a 63 year- old Serb man, Trajko jovanović, was seriously beaten up in the village of Robovac near Kosovska Kamenica. On No- vember 23 two young Serbs, whose names were not re- leased for security reasons, were beaten up by a group of about 20 albanians in Kosovska Mitrovica. The incident occurred shortly after midnight when a group of alba- nians ambushed the two young Serbs in the ethnically mixed Microsettlement settlement in North Mitrovica. On November 28 a hand grenade was thrown into the yard of Serb Srboljub jovanović in Cernica near Gnjilane. Prov- identially, no one was injured in the blast, although there were three children and three adults in the house at the time.

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