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From the 13th to the 20th century
cate, administrative act] issued by Metropolitan Zacharius of Dečani. [i am writing this] with my own hand, the above- mentioned Hieromonk Dionisije Priest Savić, from Prizren.
in the year 1836, the holy abode of Rusinica dedicated to the Holy Trinity was restored in the month of august—the renovation commenced on august 17. archimandrite Dio- nisije the abovementioned priest Savović (Savić), originally Gudović [Gudić], from Prizren, the ancient capital town. The notes in the MS in the Holy Trinity Church in Prizren: Ni ii, 376–377 (4067–4068)
THe QUeLLiNG OF aN aLBaNiaN ReBeLLiON, 1831
We are writing this note to make known that when the vi- zier was in Skoplje, there was a great tribulation due to the famine, one shinik [unit of measurement] of wheat cost 6 groschen.
as the Karadak was plundered, these Karadakian arnauts were taken away and captured by the vizier from Stanbol in 1831. after that, it was peaceful, even too peaceful. Written by me, sinful Paun, with my own hand.
The note in the MS of St. Petersburg Library (today GPB, F, i 710): Ni V, 307 (9195)
THe SUFFeRiNG OF THe SeRBiaN PeOPLe, 1857–58
in the year 1857, in the month of june, we began to cover the roof of the church i.e. the Holy Lavra of Visoki (High) Deča- ni with lead. We replaced the old lead roofing melting down the old lead and purchasing new. More than 4000 okas [1 oka=1.280 kg] was bought and we melted down all of it and covered the entire roof construction by the end of the year 1858, on august 1, through the efforts of archimandrite Ser- aphim Ristić Tetovac [originally from Tetovo], Protohegu- men antim Sedlarević from Dragoljevce and epitropos ag- atangel Ristić Velesli [from Veles] and epitropos Ćiril an- drejević from Belopolje near Peć and all of the brethren, both great and small, hieromonks and monks and all those who served in this holy abode, under the patronage of the most glorious Pravitelstvo (Government) of Serbia under the reign of aleksandar Karadjordjević, the Prince of Serbia, and un- der the reign of emperor of all Russia aleksander Nikolaje- vić and of Sultan abdul Medjid in the Ottoman empire. in these times there was intense suffering of the Slavic-Serbian and Slavic-Bulgarian and Greek peoples and, in general, of all sons of the Orthodox eastern Christian Church. Woe is me! Oh, what suffering inflicted upon us by the cursed Turks, and most of all [by] albanians (arnauts)! Pay attention, you Heaven and listen, you earth, behold, you europe, you who all believe in Christ [behold] and deliver the people who is groaning with pain! May the righteous and most-wise Cre- ator have mercy on His flock of Christ! This was penned by me, humble and sinful
archimandrite Seraphim.
The note in the Dečani MS No 64, fol. 8. Unpublished note.
THe aCTS OF ViOLeNCe PeRPReTRaTeD BY aN aLBaNiaN NaMeD DeMa, 1858
(...) Let it be known that when Dema (...) came to Visoki [High] Dečani Monastery, he perpetrated terror (zulum) with
20 of his men. Terrible things they did while staying in the monastery for ten days; there they ate and drank, there they committed zulum! May the Lord and the Holy King kill those who perpetrate such violence and terror! Thank God [for the protection]! They want to close the Holy Dečani [Monas- tery]. Thank God, may He destroy them with His hand and may He crush their force! Let this be known! in the year 1858; Djordje Mikailović; on the 5th day of the month of january. The note in the Dečani MS No 88, Fol. 102, v. Unpublished note
Let it be known that when Rushit-bey Mahmutbegović from Peć launched an attack on the Montenegrin army in Vaso- jevići, against Montenegro, against its ruler and prince Da- nilo Petrović of Montenegro, he perpetrated immense ter- ror in Peć: marauding and all forms of violence; they even dared ravage and destroy the churches and monasteries. Had we not paid the ransoms [for the monasteries], we would certainly have experienced utter destruction, and we were forced to provide for 40 to 50 albanians here in the monas- tery under the priorship of archmandrite Seraphim, on au- gust 12, 1858. Signed by Hieromonk ananija Dečanac with Hieromonk Teofil Dečanac.
The note in the Dečani MS No 97, fol. 399 v. Unpublished note
Let it be known that in 1861 albanians made a decision that they would not kill or steal any more. But after that there was a great commotion and sorrow in the monastery: they stole whatever they could, and after some time, they repeated the raid inflicting misery on the monastery, butchering the oxen and devouring whatever food they could find, inflicting upon the monastery all of the following: evil, bitter sorrow and misery!
The note in the Dečani Monastery MS No 132, fol. 80. Unpublished note.
The Letter of Archimandrite Sava of Dečani to the dignitaries of the Congress of Berlin (1878)
Everything that is most precious, most sacred and most dear to one nation, everything that makes it different from other nations, makes it a strong, bright, independent and use- ful member of enlightened humanity, all that, including our own survival, is at stake for us now, the same as seventy years ago. That is the great sorrow and great shame of our contem- poraries. Certain nations resemble persons who poison their own organism with selfishness, negligence and profligacy and after great sufferings, they become ruined and turn into dust. The lack of unity, faith, patriotism, a national idea and pride, lead certain nations to an unavoidable and shameful eternal death.
it is true that a small part of Serbia is now free, on the right coasts of the Danube and Sava, in the valleys of the Morava, but the Serbian Kingdom is still far from permanent safe sur-

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