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in the Sanjak of Priština, usual anarchy is nothing new. in addition to the acts of terror [zulum] inflicted upon the Serbs, of which not even half were listed herein, the albanians often resolve their internal conflicts in bloody showdowns.
Thus, in the lawsuit filed by the Mufti and Sulejman-aga against former Mutesarif Mehmed Muharem-efendi (who is now in Sjenica) it is stated that the major evidence of his inefficient service is the fact that 192 albanians were killed in the sanjak by the hand of their fellow albanians in only 4 months of his public service.
and in only 16 days in the month of january, only in Lab, 18 albanians were killed by the hand of their fellow alba- nians!
The authorities are absolutely indifferent as regards all the terror and murders committed.
iii. The Sanjak of Peć
The most intense terror [zulum] is perpetrated in the San- jak of Peć with the Serb population there being on the verge of extinction. emigration is enormous. it is impossible to count all the crimes of zulum inflicted upon the Serbs in this region. They are, to a certain degree, listed in the Petition signed by the Serbs Peć which was sent to the Ministry en- closed in the letter of this Consulate dated august 17, previ- ous year, Conf. No 77.
europe would have been horrified had it only heard of a half of the atrocities from the last couple of years in the San- jak of Peć. all that happened in armenia is nothing in com- parison with barbarities and atrocities as well as countless murders happening here.
From the most recent events known to the Consulate i record only the following ones:
- in Peć in the middle of charshija [business district, mar- ket place] Milovan Rakić’s brother was murdered. Milovan fled to Serbia.
- in the village of Grabovac, in the District of Peć, two Serbs were murdered; the victims remained unidentified.
- in the middle of March, the albanians attacked Blago N., a Serb, in the town center, more precisely on the bridge over the river. Having stabbed him with knives first, they shot him dead and threw his dead body into the river.
- Serbs in Peć are afraid to even step on the street in fear of terror [zulum] and violence.
- albanians are forcing Živko N, a chorbadzija [rich mer- chant] from Most, from the Peć District, being a very pros- perous Serb, to turn Turk and convert to islam. Živko has a large family with five daughters and wants to save them at least. He himself would also flee but must not, his every step being watched by albanians.
iV. Kolašin (Mitrovica)
ever since [ibarski] Kolašin, with its 400 Serb families strongly aware of their Serb nationality and speaking the pur- est dialect of the Serbian language in entire Old Serbia– has been excluded from the region under the authority of the Vučitrn Kaimakam [District Government] and annexed to the Mitrovica Kaimakam, there followed the most horrible atrocities and terror [zulum] impossible to enumerate here- in in their entirety. ever since, the Serbian population of Ko-
Sources and Testimonies
lašin has suffered enormous tribulations, hence it is no won- der that they are now appealing for their town to be annexed to the Vučitrn administration (Kaimakamia). Unless this hap- pens, soon there will be not a single Serb left in Kolašin.
inhabitants of Kolašin have been exposed to violent at- tacks committed by albanians of Drenica and Peć and in ad- dition to that, they are the victims of extortions committed by their fellow hajduks [oulaws who fought against the Turks] and they are terribly tortured by imperial tasildars (tax-col- lectors) from Mitrovica. This winter, there were numerous cases of torture committed by tasildars who forced all the villagers to stand in the snow for 24 hours (people who were barefoot) when they could not collect taxes from the poor.
in recent years, the following victims from Kolašin have been killed by the hand of murderous albanians:
1. Dobrija Radenković from Brnjak, killed on the River Dren- ska;
2. Rale Radosavljević from Brnjak, on the Drenska River; 3. avram Lazović from Brnjak, on the Čečevo River;
4. Stevan aleksić from Orašac; at home;
5. Milenko Prodanović from Čečevo—in Ribarici;
6. jovan andrić from Čečevo, in Perkovac;
7. Milenko andrić from Čečevo, in Perkovac;
8. Živan jovanović from Čečevo, murdered in his own home;
except for the victims from the Brnjak villages, the fol-
lowing were also murdered:
9. Maksim Lazović from Ugljari;
10. Mirko Rakićević from Varag, slain with an axe;
11. Mileta Radovanov, from Varag; killed next to a stable; 12. Radašin Ljutin from Velji Breg;
13. Radenko Radašinov from Velji Breg (mortally wounded); 14. Miloš avramović from Zubin Potok;
15. Stevan Marković from Gazivode;
16. Dobrosav Milisavljević from Rezak;
17. Dobrija jovanović from Lučka Reka;
18. Radisav Milosavljević from Bub;
19. Vukadin Filipović from Crepulja;
20. Knez (village leader) Radisav Radosavljević from Zagulja;
21. Rade Tijanić from Zagulja, slain;
22. Vukojle Despotović from Zagulja, slain;
23. janićije Vuksanović from Strumica;
24. jako Vuksanović from Strumica;
25. Miljko Vuksanović from Strumica;
26. Manda Milićev from Dobroševina;
27. Vićentije Radenkov from Prevlaka;
28. Stevan from Oraška (Shaban Kopriva and Koshutov ju-
sen—the murderers).
The Wounded in the above mentioned attacks are as fol-
1. Djordje Milenković from Oklaci;
2. Vukosav Radisavljević from Oklaci; 3. Sretko Nićiforović from Oklaci;
4. Marko Velimirović from Ugljari;
5. Vukoman andjelković from Ugljari; 6. Radule Savović from Velji Breg;
7. Draže Rakićević from Pridvorica.

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