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From the 13th to the 20th century
12. On june 1st, a Turk named adil Sulejmanović, from Priština, raped an eight-year-old girl, daughter of a certain Cveja Saf, in the vineyard in the vicinity of the town. The girl is now on her deathbed.
13. Halil Latifović, originally from Gegovac, who resides in Paralovo, accompanied by his accomplices—brothers Za- jnel, azis and Nezir, attacked the home of Pesa Simić from the same village and raped his daughter-in-law. This hap- pened on May 28th. Furthermore, these villains also attacked the home of Maksa Petković-Čakić taking away his daugh- ter whom they detained for 24 hours. The unfortunate girl is now held captive in the house of a Turk in Bresnica (Gil- jane).
14. On june 11th, ali Bajram, an arbanas (ethnic albanian) from Donje Nerodimlje, and his two accomplices forcefully took away a girl named Spasenija, daughter of andreja Mar- ković from the same village, while she was weeding the corn. She was forcefully taken to the mountain near the village of Butakovo and could be heard screaming for more than an hour.
15. On june 7th, the arbanasi (ethnic albanians) took away by force Tata, the daughter of Marko Milić, to Priština in- tending to coerce her into turning Turk and embracing is- lam.
What arbanasi (ethnic albanians) most frequently when they abduct a girl is to rape her first and then to try to force her to convert to islam threatening her or her parents with death.
There were several cases that young girls were forcefully converted and turned Turk in this way.
Assaults, felonies etc
16. On april 27th, a group of albanians robbed Giga and aca Radosavljević from the village of Sočanica (the Kaza of Mitrovica) having beaten them most brutally.
17. Sulja Zemni, an albanian from Makreš (the Kaza of Gilan) brutally beat arsa Filipović as the latter coul not give him the sum of money he demanded. in addition to this, this criminal who terrorized inhabitants of Milanovac, lives at the expense of these poor villagers who supply him with all kinds foodstuffs and whatever he needs. He, on the other side, per- petrates various misdeeds in the village and forces the peas- ants to reap his fields for free. Since he set his eyes on the daughter of a certain Marko Savić, from Čukarica, he has been threatening to kill anyone who would dare to take her for a wife.
18. On easter Tuesday, a group of albanians attacked and pillaged the home of Lazar Krstić from Bresje.
19. The Binjanić brothers Tahir and Mehmed from Boc- njak (the District of Peć), on May 25th, captured jovan Stoja- nović, a 17 year old youth from the village of Dragojevac (in the same District). So far, he has not been released.
20. Stevan jović, from Makreš (the Kaza of Gilan), who was also captured by albanians and taken to the Kaza of Peć last year—has not been released yet. The legal steps his fa- ther took addressing the Baliya [District governor] have been of no avail so far.
21. an albanian named Hasan as well as his father Kurd ali from Gilan perpetrate various evil deeds in the village of
Ranilug (the Kaza of Gilan), abusing men and women and coercing them into assorted kuluks—unpaid work. among others, Sultana, the wife of Nidža Milošević and a peasant Djordje Zlatanović were brutally beaten up. This very Hasan also plowed and sowed the village pasture so that the peas- ants are now prohibited from grazing their livestock there.
22. a group of albanians from Kosanić, in the Kaza of Peć, blackmailed Nikola Kokić from Grebnik into paying 40 Turkish liras, threatening to kidnap his son or a member of his family unless he paid the sum within a set period of time.
23. On May 21st, three soldiers and one gendarme caught Simjan Mladenović in the wood near the village of Bušljaci (the Kaza of Gilan), in the place called Patošim, and after beating him up, they robbed him and stripped him off his clothes. Hence, Simjan was forced to return to the village stark naked. The peasants who chased these soldiers hardly managed to recover Simjan’s stolen clothes.
24. On May 15th, a group of albanians wounded Filip Dži- da from Brnjica (Novi Pazar).
25. On the night between the 12th and the 14th of june, albanians Sajo Rustović and elez Habibović from the vil- lage of Brejan (Novi Pazar) torched the house of priest Mak- sim Balšić from Shabi. The priest and his family, being home- less, at the moment are dwelling out in the open field.
26. albanians raided the following livestock:
On May 25th, a pair of oxen from jovan Denić from Ba- tushac; On june 5, a horse and a mare with a colt from Sima Trajić from Lipljan;
On june 7th, two oxen from jovan Mirić from Nerodim- lje and a cow from Toma Popović, from the same village;
On june 10th, two oxen from Noka jović and Petar Denić from Lapušnik; one horse from Vasa Ristić from Lepina;
On june 13th, five mares from Vasa Milić from Skulano-
27. On june 16th, a group of albanians took captive Bran-
ko Mitrović from Lepine taking him by force together with his two oxen into the mountain near Lapušnik. Until now, Branko has not returned.
28. The village of Lapina has become a battlefield for nu- merous atrocities perpetrated by albanians. it has been, so to speak, under siege and not a single Serb can go out to work in the field. Those who dare expose themselves to dan- ger are usually taken captive and robbed. if albanians can- not extort money from the person they seize, if he has no money, they blackmail his family demanding an enormous amount of money to be paid and only after the payment do they allow the captive to return to his home.
29. jakov Vujić has been brutally beaten up by the fol- lowing perpetrators: Shakir, the brother of Mustafa-efendi- ja–police commissioner in Priština; Vel Sula ali, a sergeant, Onka, a gendarme and some albanians. The blows were so brutal that the man fainted with blood gushing from his mouth and ears. in spite of his severe health condition, he was taken to prison where, in all probability, he is soon ex- pected to die.
30. On june 17th, Balija Mustafić, an albanian from Ma- kresh wounded Djoka Stamenković from Bušnica (the Kaza of Gilan) shooting at him with his revolver and there are no chances whatsoever for him to stay alive.

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