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On the same day, Mateja Radovanović was wounded in the same village.
On the same day, all the hay owned by Radoje Ljušić as burnt down.
On the 18th last month they burnt down all the barns and grain of Rista in the village of Mlječan.
On the night of the same day, they burnt down the house of Milutin Čakrljić from the village of Drenik.
On the 1st of this month, Rista Zarić from the village of Ljubožde got killed. Five years ago, Rista had to leave his land because of the terror he was exposed to, so he found refuge on the village of Klina, as worker of Zeynel-Bey from Peć. He was heading toward Ljubožde to try to get at least a fourth of his land, but albanians crossed his way and killed him with a rifle.
On the 17th this month, ica Šćepić from Salipovci and Vu- kajlo from Oprašak were attacked by bandits and their friends shot at the bandits, killing one and murdering the other.
Last week, Boško Slavković from the village of Suho Grlo got killed. Zeynel Uka murdered him.
a.S, MFa, Political affairs, row 171, 1906
NeW aCTS OF ViOLeNCe (NOVeMBeR 1906)
Vice-Consul Milan M. Rakić to Nikola Pašić, President of the Ministerial Council
Political and educationalDepartment, 975
November 22th/December 5th, 1906
in the recent period, the following acts of terror hap-
pened in the area if Vučitrn:
On the 10th this month, Mujan from Rasani stole two bulls
from Miljko Perić in Slivovica and on the same day bulls were stolen from ariton Micić and Mirko Stević.
On the 14th this month, albanians from Rasani and Boš- njane attacked the houses of Trajko, ariton and Krsman Mi- čić from Šlivovica, but they heroically defended their live- stock and gave none away. The fight lasted all night long.
On the 9th this month, albanians attacked Srećko Vule- tić from Sviljarevo, wounding him and taking 20 sheep from him. The peasants of Sviljarevo brought the wounded Sreć- ko to Vučitrn for complaint, but to no avail. The court and the kaymekam were heedless. ibrahim Zećir, albanian from Kosurić near Djakovica, wounded Nikola antić from Dre- novac.
Drec Gini, a fanda, stole a sow from Marko Vasojević in Vidane (Peć district).
Baros Berol stole a cow from Sima Veljić, a priest in Do-
Živan Dončić from Biča was hit once and all his feed was
burnt down one night.
To jovan Belić and Milivoje Stevanović from Kijevo they
also burnt down feed. To the former, twenty cartloads of hay, five cartloads of aftergrass and five cartloads of pulses, and forty cartloads of straw to the other.
Rexhep the settler imposed a 34-lire fine to the village of Cucaje.
On the 1st this month, Stepan Djurić from the village of Osojane was killed.
Sources and Testimonies
On the 2nd of this month. jovan Piskulić from the same village was murdered.
On the 4th of this month, Radovan Šapić from the same village was shot at several times, but struck none.
earlier this month, Stojadin Stojković from Vaganeš got killed, and Nikola Djordjević from Grizima (near Gnjilane) was wounded.
jashar atemović from Busovar imposed an 8-lire tax to Petar jović from Businčac (near Gnjilane).
Zeka from Tudjovac blackmailed jovan Papulović from Strezovac for 12 lires.
Two cows were stolen from Stanoje Perić in ajnovce (near Gnjilane).
24 sheep were stolen from Veljko Stević in Sušić.
albanian Šaćir from Vica stole the daugther of Staniša Milosavljević from the same village. He detained her for about ten days and his company battered her incessantly, making her convert to islam. The girl barely managed to return to her father’s.
a.S. MFa, Political and educational affairs, 1906, row 59. No 25. Xi 1906. Political affairs No 5893.
Vice-Consul Milan M. Rakić to Nikola Pašić, President
of the Ministerial Council and Minister of Foreign A ffairs Political and educational Department No 998; Priština,
November 29th/December 12th, 1906
Mr. Minister,
The old tactics of Sultan to reward certain albanian ter-
rorists with either clemency or various honorary titles and tangible rewards, especially granting clemency to Destan- -efendi lately, a former policeman in Prizren, gave rise to up- rising of some albanians in Lluma, hoping to get the Sul- tan’s grace and generosity to their homes. a certain ahmed as, former captain of gendarmerie in Prizren, who was ex- iled with other villains, is now asking to return to service. if this is not allowed, he will, modest as he is, be satisfied with salary only, not even performing the duty of a captain. With him, the infamous bandit Ramadan Zaskok, also former cap- tain, who got that rank as a reward for numerous crimes per- petrated within twenty years.
Waiting for this movement to get full-fledged, or for the authorities to meet their demands, albanians attacked Ser- bian population around Prizren with all their forces. Of their terrorist acts, six villages in Podgorje are most severly af- flicted, Ljubižda, Koriša, Mušutište, Dvorane, Popovlavle and Movlalje. in those villages, land is mostly owned by Serbs, or at least Serbs till their land, so the mountains’ albanians, taking advantage of the absolute anarchy in that area intend to drive our population away and seize the fertile soil in the plains.
and, indeed, due to the terror, our people are leaving their land and finding refuge anywhere just to save their lives. Thus, in Ljubižde, the number of our households is halved, in Koriša only nine our families remained, in Popolavlje five and in Movlalje eleven!
Many a time have the peasants complained to the Mute- sarif in Prizren, but the repercussions on them were even

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