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At Gazi-Mestan
Milan Rakić
The Mighty armadillos, without fault and fear, Cold as your armor and grim view,
You assaulted then in a cloud of dust
and there was a slam and a bloody race.
Shaky empire toppled up with you
When the storm passes over Kosovo field Kosovo became a vast pit
Terrible ossuary and glorious from defeat.
Kosovo heroes, merit is yours,
Because you were the last; in the bloody horror, When rotten empire take arms.
every corpse is aware victim, real hero.
Today they say to us, children of this century That we are unworthy of our history,
That we are flooded by Western river,
and our souls are afraid of the dangers.
Good my country, that’s a lie! Who loves you Nowadays, it loves you.
Because before us, nor fields nor bedrock Could not give a conscious love to another.
and today, when it comes to the last battle, irradiant from glow of old aureole,
i will give my life, to you my fatherland Knowing what i give, and why i give!
Milan Rakić
Your eyes were gouged out, oh beautiful image, On a pilaster at approach of night,
Knowing that no one would witness the pillage an albanian’s knife robbed you of your sight.
But neither your mouth, nor your noble face To desecrate with his hand did he dare,
Or touch your golden crown, or queenly lace Beneath which lay your luxuriant hair.
Now in the church upon the stone pilaster Serenely bearing your tormented plight Dressed in the robes of mosaic and luster i see you sad, and dignified, and white.
Like stars extinguished in the distant past, Which yet transmit to men the far-off glow So that men see the light, the hue, the cast Of stars lost to sight a long time ago,
Today upon me from your royal height, From that antique stone covered all in grime, Oh, sad Simonida, shines down the light
Of eyes gouged sightless in another time.
Translation from: Anthology of Serbian Poetry, ed. M. Djordjević, Prosveta: 1988, p. 27.
 Gračanica, oil on canvas, Milan Milovanović, 1908

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