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Protopresbyter-stavrophor Savo B. jović
 The Peć Patriarchate dormitory burned in 1981
policeman what had happened to him. The policeman went out and upon seeing the man said, ’That’s Ganija’s brother- in-law from the village of Delovac. He is psychologically disturbed (Ganija is an albanian and a policeman in Mušu- tište). While the policeman went to get his equipment, the man disappeared and the policeman went to look for him.
On june 23, 1986, the undersigned was in the monas- tery of the Holy Trinity in Mušutište and heard from the sister nuns that a man from Delovac with a knife had also visited them and asked to see the priest to settle a score. They managed to somehow convince him that the priest was not there and he left but he returned the next day with the knife asking that they release his wife who had come there. again, they managed to convince him that his wife was not there, and he left.
We can appreciate that the man has psychological prob- lems but one does not have to be an expert in psychology to conclude that even a normal person needs a reason to come all the way from another village to harass a priest and sisters in a monastery.
The night of june 3, 1986 at about 9:45 p.m. a man came during the time of Ramadan under the window of the priest in Mušutište and suddenly began to bang on a drum with all his strength, until the children who had fallen asleep inside awoke and began to cry out of fear. By the time the priest had put on his shoes and stepped outside, the man with the drum had vanished into the night.
in the monastery of St. Mark near Prizren during the last war, albanians from Kabaša destroyed the residences and damaged the church. after the war, the church was repaired to some extent but in 1973 its doors were broken, the iconostasis, books and vestments set on fire there in the church. We replaced the wooden doors with iron ones which our enemies destroyed and threw into the river in 1982. The Orthodox faithful from Koriša gathered a little money, brought the broken iron doors from the river, paid to have them repaired and again put them on the church. But on june 23, 1986, when the Orthodox faithful visited the monastery of St. Mark, they found the door again bro- ken and the village cattle resting inside the church. Obvi- ously, no money was sought there then nor before nor any other benefit; the sole purpose was to do damage and de- stroy the monastery.
We are appealing to the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities of SaP Kosovo as we have so ma- ny times in the past, asking that a stop be put to the vio- lence against our faithful, clergy, monks and nuns, and our property be protected, which are fundamental rights of every citizen in a constitutional country.
in this regard, the Holy Synod of Bishops decided in a meeting on july 1, 1986, to ask the aforementioned com- missions for a report on whether anything was done with regard to this petition.”125
125 AHSB, Syn No 1818/zap. 631/86.
 Serbian gravestones destroyed
in a Serbian cemetery in Srbica in 1985
 Serbian Orthodox Abbess Hilaria carries a rifle to defend the sisters and the holy place from the molestation
by ethnic Albanians. Harassment of sisters, arson, blinding the monastery cattle, and other misdemeanor have been going since 1968.

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