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fying all reason, did not wake up the authorities of this coun- try to put an end to the implementation of an ideology which in terms of its methods and aims is fascist. an ethni- cally pure [albanian] territory, which Kosovo and Metohi- ja virtually have become, is the basis for this fascist doctrine.
The tragedy lies in the fact that instead of taking radical measures to oppose it, the authorities in Kosovo and Me- tohija are clothing it in the garb of socialist ideology. While terror is being unleashed against us day after day and in every quarter, the institutions of government in the Prov- ince [of Kosovo] stand by with folded arms. Through their non-action they are acting, and their passivity provides absolute support for and legalization of violence. The mealy- -mouthed utterances of the higher authorities about the need for a change in the situation in Kosovo and Metohija were obstructed by the lower authorities.
in the meantime, terror against the [Kosovo] Serbs in- creased daily in full sight of europe and the world, and to Yugoslavia’s shame.
Where is this leading us?
Convinced that our highest legislative bodies will not, cannot and dare not remain indifferent to the perpetration of genocide against our Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, we are making a last attempt to put halt to fascism.
We therefore demand the urgent convening of an ex- traordinary session of the assembly of the SFRY and the assembly of SR Serbia, and for the agenda we are present- ing the following demands:
1. That we be guaranteed exercise of our basic human rights according to the Constitution of the SPRY and inter- national conventions, which have been completely denied to us.
2. That the Socialist Republic of Serbia should acquire the same statehood as other republics in Yugoslavia.
3. That the Greater albanian chauvinists who inspired and led the rebellion in Kosovo and Metohija and permit- ted the seizure of Yugoslav territory by the Greater alba- nian chauvinists be immediately dismissed from the gov- ernments of the Province and the Republic and called to account. We also demand accountability for the cadres of Serbian nationality whose laxity and careerism have fa- voured this ideology.
4. That the names of the architects of the plan of geno- cide against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija be made public, regardless of what positions they have held in our country. it is reliably known that this plan is not accidental, nor has it originated just in this Province and in this coun- try.
5. That the emigres from albania who have come since april 6th, 1941, be banished, irrespective of whether they were settled [in Kosovo and Metohija] under Mussolini’s program or later, under enver Hoxha’s program. in viola- tion of the law they possess property in the territory of the SFRY, and the majority of them engage in acts of terror
against the Serbs. Yugoslavia, unfortunately, does not even know how many of them there are, but according to infor- mation we have, there are more than 260,000. Not one single Serb from albania has emigrated to our country in past decades, although there are known to be more than 30,000 in albania. Subjected to the direct terror, they [the Serbs] simply do not exist as a nationality in albania. No responsible individuals or authorities of this country have ever raised this question.
6. That all deeds of sale of Serbian property be can- celled forthwith, regardless of whether they have been ex- torted by physical or legal persons.
7. That exiled Serbian families be permitted an imme- diate return under the supervision of the republican and federal governments.
8. Thatseveralthousand“missing”judicialcasesbe reconstituted, suspect decisions reviewed, and radical changes made in the functioning of the judiciary.
9. Thatthesameofficiallanguageasisusedintheter- ritory of the entire republic of Serbia be introduced in Ko- sovo and Metohija. it is our right, which has been illegally denied us.
10. That display of the albanian flag with its present symbols be abolished. We do not want to live in our own country under a foreign flag. a foreign flag has always been a pretext for liberation wars against an occupier.
11. That the files of the Ballists [albanian pro-Nazi na- tionalist] who live in this country and abroad, which were deliberately destroyed after 1966, be reconstructed. The security of the entire state makes this incumbent.
12. That the highest Party [League of Yugoslav Com- munists] organs rehabilitate all those cadres who because of their interventions against Greater albanian chauvinists were morally and politically discredited and fell as the first victims of this ideology that has now been unmasked.
13. That in procedures of employment and appoint- ment of delegates the illegal rules of national quotas, which are contrary to the Constitution and fundamental human rights, be suspended and replaced by the principle of parity.
14. That a delegation composed of the signatories of this petition whom we shall nominate be allowed to participate in the assembly sessions convened at our demand. The del- egation would transmit and supply evidence for the fact which have brought us into this situation. We propose that our delegation be led by comrades Svetozar Vukmanović Tempo, Batrić jovanović, Todor Slavinski and Zarija Mar- tinović.
15. That the extraordinary sittings of the assemblies should be held as soon as possible, and we demand that they should be convened not later than October 30, 1985, in the presence of the information media.
The talks concerning the problems of the Serbs in Ko- sovo and Metohija have produced no results. The present behaviour of the authorities in the Province in denying a state its legality and introduced chaos.
a Chronicle of the Contemporary Suffering of Kosovo-Metohian Serbs

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