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der the territorial, legal and administrative reach of the Serbian entity as defined by the Charter, there will be di- rect territorial, legal and administrative links between this network and the rest of the Republic of Serbia. The Min- istry of Religion of Serbia would continue its assistance and. administrative functions toward the the archdiocese of Peć and the Diocese of Raška and Prizren (e.g. finan- cial supplements consistent with their status as disadvan- taged dioceses; appropriations to religious schools and seminaries in the form of full or partial payment of sala- ries for professors, teachers and staff as well as stipends for students; medical insurance contributions; pension fund contributions, allocations for religious-cultural ac- tivities such as religious festivals, print publications, main- taining library collections, and TV and radio programmes; and renovation and construction assistance). These would supersede in jurisdiction, authority and competence those of Priština-based ministries and institutions.
additionally, the Ministry of Culture [of Serbia] and the institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments from Belgrade would retain their current administrative func- tions, and their jurisdiction, authority and competence would supersede those of Priština-based ministries and institutions. Finally, the existing canonical legal and admin- istrative links between the Serbian Orthodox Church’s archdiocese of Peć and the Serbian Diocese of Raška and Prizren with the Serbian Orthodox Church and its patri- archal seat in Belgrade would remain and be explicitly recognized by the Priština-based ministries and institu- tions. Personnel from these and other Belgrade-based in- stitutions could be seconded to iSSRCHKiM, who would also be permitted to supplement in a transparent fashion the Serbian entity’s budgetary allocations to it.
1. Patriarchate of Peć (13th–14th century), monastery, Peć, Municipality of Peć
2. Visoki Dečani (14th century), monastery, Dečani, Municipality of Dečani
3. Holy archangels (14th century), monastery, Mu- nicipality of Prizren
4. Devič, monastery (15th century), Lauša, Munici- pality of Srbica (destroyed by the albanian extremists in March 2004)
5. Bogorodica Hvostanska (13th–14th century), Vre- lo, Municipality of istok
6. Gorioč (14th century), monastery, istok, Munici- pality of istok
7. Budisavci (14th century), monastery, Budisavci, Municpality of Klina
8. Zočište (14th century), monastery, Zočište, Munici- pality of Orahovac (destroyed by the albanian extrem- ists in 1999)
9. Holy Trinity, (14th century), monastery, Mušutište, Municipality of Suva Reka (destroyed by the albanian ex- tremists in 1999)
10. Saint Uroš (14th century), monastery, Gornje Ne- rodimlje, Municipality of Uroševac (destroyed by the al- banian extremists in 1999)
11. Saint Marko of Koriša with the hermitage of St. Peter of Koriša (13th–14th century), monastery, Koriša, Mu- nicipality of Prizren (damaged)
12. Dolac (14th century), monastery, Dolac, Munici- pality of Klina (destroyed by the albanian extremists in 1999)
13. Sokolica monastery (14th century), Boljetin, Mu- nicipality of Kosovska Mitrovica
14. Draganac, monastery (19th century), Draganac, Mu- nicipality of Gnjilane
15. Binač monastery (14th century), Vitina, Munici- pality of Vitina (destroyed by the albanian extremists)
16. Gračanica, monastery (14th century), Gračanica, Municipality of Priština
17. Banjska (14th century), monastery, Banjska, Mu- nicipality of Zvečan
18. Duboki Potok (14th–16th century), monastery, Mu- nicipality of Zubin Potok
19. Sočanica (12th century), monastery, Municipality of Leposavić
20. Devine Vode, monastery, Municipality of Lepo- savić
21. Saint Healers, monastery (19th century), Munici- pality of Leposavić
22. Saint Petka, monastery, Municipality of Leposavić
23. Cathedral Church of Mother of God of Ljeviša,
Prizren (14th century), Municipality of Prizren (burned by the albanian extremists in March 2004)
24. Church of St. john (14th century), Velika Hoča, Mu- nicipality of Orahovac
25. Church of Mother of God in Lipljan (14th centu- ry), Lipljan, Municipality of Lipljan
26. Church of Holy Savior (14th century), Prizren, Mu- nicipality of Prizren (burned by the albanian extremists in March 2004)
27. Uljarice (13th–14th century), hermitage with church, Klina, Municipality of Klina
28. Church of Mother of God Odegethria (14th cen- tury), Mušutište, Municipality of Suva Reka (destroyed by the albanian extremists)
29. Church of St. Nicholas (14th century), Djurakovac, Municipality of istok (destroyed by the albanian extremists)
a Chronicle of the Contemporary Suffering of Kosovo-Metohian Serbs

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