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Archbishop Nikodim, King Stefan Dečanski, young King and future Emperor Dušan and Saint Sava, Church of Saint Demetrius, western bay, south wall, the Patriarchate of Peć, 1322–1324
The frescos in the Church of Saint Demetrius in Peć should be dated between 1322 and 1324. at that time, King Stefan Dečanski and young King Dušan were certainly still under the influence of their seven-year sojourn in Constantinople. This is why their official portraits on the southern wall, painted against a red, almost purple background, surrounded by the images of archbishop Nikodim and St. Sava, are imbued with the spirit and tastes of the court in Constantinople consequently they bear little similarity with the earlier images of rulers in Serbia. However, certain insignia and robes, worn here for the first time by King Stefan Dečanski, young King Dušan and archbishop Nikodim, would occasionally appear on their portraits and those of other people almost until the end of the 14th century.
Patriarchate of Peć

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