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Our specialist confined space and work at height training centres at Bury and Elland provide excellent conditions to safely deliver relevant training courses in these subject areas. We make sure that the courses have relevance with normal working environments through use of in-house printed graphics and scenarios used for the theory sessions. We want people to complete the risk assessments where they are considering their normal situations as well as the training environment. Both centres are fully equipped with classrooms and good facilities to create a good learning environment.
We have now invested in a Mobile Training Unit (MTU) and support unit which allows us to deliver high quality Confined Space training courses on your site and this is now fully operational with excellent feedback on the quality of training delivered.
A lot of training also works best when on the client site and using existing equipment or spaces. We will always ensure that such facilities are safe to use beforehand and we have found that this arrangement works very well.
We have been delivering the 6150 suite of courses for many years and are now transitioned across to the 6160 suite now replacing this older set. Our Elland centre is Accredited and the centre at Bury works under this to deliver the certified courses. Our Centres and facilities are all covered by active policies and procedures to maintain Quality Assurance of the learning process. Our MTU has been specifically configured to deliver this same standard once we have ensured the facilities are in line with the necessary levels.
LOTOTO training is often delivered in organisations with a padlock, hasp and tag. As a leading specialist in this field we have invested in equipment and supporting material that brings the experience of training closer to home. As you would expect we have a full array of examples of devices used for locking out and how to demonstrate both simple and complex isolation. Our powered simulators with powered drives and conveyors provide excellent training tools and quickly demonstrate the pitfalls of bad practice.
Our scenario library covers many typical operations that are carried out internally or by contractors. These scenarios allow us to deliver relevant situations for the learning process and are particularly used in our Permit To Work training programme.
We are very proud of the “brand” of training and consultancy we deliver and we aim to help clients follow the “journeys” we have carefully developed where all money spent by the client links together to maximise the impact of your investment and minimise waste. Our trainers come with years of experience in working and training in the industrial environments and we make great efforts to maintain consistency across the team to ensure that our “brand” is delivered uniformly.

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