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Lockout stations not only protect and store your lockout equipment but provide a clear view if equipment has been lost or damaged.
The thermoformed stations give a simple solution and the shadow boards complement 5S Eyesight Management to check that lockout is being used correctly.
Bespoke lockout stations are more popular than ever and our team can take a hand drawn “wish list” to create a design fit for you without much trouble.
In this section you will find:
▪ Moulded Lockout Stations and Centres
▪ Shadow Board Lockout Stations
▪ Valve Lockout Station
▪ Circuit Breaker Lockout Station
▪ Pneumatic Lockout Station
▪ Departmental Lockout Stations
▪ Tag Station
▪ Moulded Lockout Stations with Covers
▪ Bespoke Shadow Lockout Stations
We have a great selection of standard boards that we can convert to a bespoke boards by adding your logo.
See pages 81 - 84.
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