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What is Sentinel?
Sentinel is a lock control programme from Reece Safety that guarantees your site will be free of duplicate locks both now and into the future. All Reece Safety Safety padlocks can be logged into our unique Sentinel registration system.
Why is lock control important?
Ensuring that each employee has a unique padlock key is a cornerstone of any robust lockout program. It guarantees that only one person can open each padlock ensuring everyone’s safety. Having duplicate locks on site could result in accidental removal of a padlock that is being used in a lockout situation. This would result in a seriously high risk to an employee in the workplace. At Reece Safety, we can guarantee up to 100,000 different key combinations, meaning that the chances of a duplicate being on site are next to none - Sentinel can now further eliminate that risk entirely!
How do I use Sentinel to keep my workers safe?
There are 2 options, as shown below:
1. When you ORDER your Reece Safety Padlocks from your Distributor, request to use Reece Safety’s Sentinel program. Your distributor will then submit your lock numbers for us to log onto the Sentinel System. Next time you order, your distributor will then tell us to send you new locks which we will also record onto the Sentinel System.
2. When you RECEIVE your Reece Safety padlocks, declare which lock numbers you have received to your distributor, and they can then log them with us onto our Sentinel System. For future orders we will then make sure we don’t send you a lock that you have had before.
1. Will making use of the Sentinel lock control Program cost me more?
No – Sentinel is entirely free to use, simply ask your distributor when ordering your locks.
2. What information do I need to give my distributor to access the Sentinel System?
To ensure that we successfully track your Lock numbers successfully the below information is required:
• Order Date
• Business/Company Name
• Delivery Address
• Quantity of Locks
• Type of Locks(Nylon, Aluminum etc.)
• Lock numbers
3. How difficult is it going to be to know what numbers I have?
Easy! – All Reece Locks have the lock number etched onto the padlocks, and also on the outer packaging. The padlocks also come in sets of 10 in chronological order making it very simple from both distributional and End user’s standpoints
Duplicate locks can cost lives ...

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