Page 56 - Farm labour in the UK
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 For industry
➢ Supermarkets should participate in consumer awareness campaigns directly associated with corporate responsibility and fair worker treatment. All supermarkets should introduce corporate human rights policies into their overall policies, making living wages for all food workers a key priority (See Oxfam’s Supermarkets Scorecard 2021). Consumers need assurance that not only are farm workers protected but also that farmers receive a fair price for their products.
➢ Assist in the facilitation of ‘halfway’ training schemes similar to the Access to Agriculture scheme run by Harper Adams, aimed at people from non-farming backgrounds.
For scheme operators
➢ Create lasting networks. Some of the most effective schemes in place, whether training courses, or other initiatives, or on-farm placements said that lasting networks have proved extremely important to participants.
For employers
➢ Measures need to be enforced to mitigate the risk of contagion under farm living and working conditions in terms of health and safety in the future.
➢ Create a reputation for being a good employer and undertake management and leadership skills training where possible.
➢ Ensure compliance with all employment laws and policies to ensure worker rights are fulfilled at your place of employment.

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