Page 6 - Farm labour in the UK
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   The theme for my year as Master of the Worshipful Company of Farmers is “A Helping Hand”. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, our Livery has attempted to reach out to support those less fortunate. This research report aims to fulfil part of that ambition by identifying where labour is required in the agricultural workforce and new potential sources of farm labour in a post- Brexit, economically ambitious Britain. It also seeks to provide guidance on career opportunities in farming, for those who may not have seen agriculture as a first choice or those from disadvantaged backgrounds who are seeking new and fulfilling job opportunities.
In 2020, Exeter University were appointed by the Livery to research and write a study identifying the challenges of farmers finding labour, and potential workers finding jobs or careers in farming. I would like to personally thank Professor Matt Lobley and Dr Caroline Nye for their hard work and insight in providing this report. Despite the progress of automation and robotics farming still needs good people. I hope this report becomes a “go to” reference guide for farmer employers and prospective employees alike and the industry benefits from new recruits from non-traditional backgrounds.
Richard Whitlock, Master, Worshipful Company of Farmers

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