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 COASTAL BIRDS IN THEIR NATURAL SETTING: The Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary, a 21.5 acre preserve that is also a National Natural Landmark, is dedicated to the protection of coastal birds and their ecosystem. With three public access paths, visitors can imagine a time when the Lenni Lenape Indians fished along the shore and the beach was covered with sand dunes and groves of cedar, sassafras and holly trees, including one holly believed to be more than 200 years old. The Sanctuary is near 112th St. and 2nd Ave. The website features a photo gallery of the species that reside year-round in the Sanctuary or visit seasonally. Informational reports give visitors detailed background information on the unique behaviors, feeding habits and future outlook of the Black- crowned Night Heron, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron, the Glossy Ibis and the Eastern Box Turtle.
Armacost Park is a suburban oasis providing a reliable nesting habitat for herons and egrets on the busy Stone Harbor-Avalon corridor. Enjoy the park by walking around its perimeter on the sidewalk, or spend some time at the elevated viewing platform just off the parking area especially in the spring,
summer and fall, to view the progress of nesting Great Egret, Black-crowned Night-Heron and Mallard duck 71st and 74th streets and Ocean Drive;
The Avalon Sea Watch, at the northern tip of the borough extends a mile out into the ocean at 8th and 9th Streets making it the best place to count migrating seabirds, a spectacle along the coast of New Jersey with an average of almost 800,000 seabirds counted annually - and some years the count approaches one million birds. Most years about 70 percent of all the migrant seabirds pass in five weeks from early October to mid-November. onseawatch.aspx
RECREATION ON THE RIVER: Winding 50 miles through the Pinelands of Atlantic County, the Great Egg Harbor River is part of the National Wild and Scenic River system. It provides an abundant habitat for waterfowl in the region and offers boaters and bank fishermen plenty of recreational opportunities with the waters that are home to fresh and saltwater species, including striped bass and alewife herring.
FISH, SWIM, CANOE OR SAIL: New Jersey’s largest freshwater body of water, Union Lake in Millville, is the best spot for freshwater fishing, swimming, canoeing, hiking, sailing and picnicking. It's part of the Union Lake Wildlife Management area and located on the Maurice River Drainage. The lake is about 4 miles long and 1.2 miles across at its widest point.
PARAMOUNT AIR SERVICE – 75 YEARS OF BANNER PLANES AT THE SHORE: Every summer, as they have for 75 years, employees at a local banner plane company spend hours putting together a message, letter by letter, that will be towed by a plane over the beaches of Southern New Jersey. It’s a labor-intensive business – making banners, servicing planes, training pilots and finally, flying those aerial advertisements about happy hours, restaurant suggestions, amusement parks – or even a marriage proposal! So why not just send a tweet or text with a few emoticons or emojis for emphasis? Here’s why. Banner planes are as much a part of the shore experience as flip flops, arcades and sand. Texts, tweets and emails lack that visual quality of a banner plane, flying slow enough and close
  The Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary
   Great Egg Harbor River system
  Paramount Banner Planes

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