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functional navigational aid. The interior of the building is furnished with period antiques, educational displays and outside, the once- barren surroundings are now landscaped.
The Historic Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City is the oldest manmade tourist attraction on the Jersey Shore and the tallest lighthouse in the state. In the 1850s, Congress finally appropriated $50,000 for a lighthouse on Absecon Island and on Jan. 15, 1857, the first lighting occurred. For decades the light, visible for nearly 20 miles, guided mariners safely back to shore. In 1933 the light was decommissioned and extinguished, except for a few brief ceremonial lightings over the years. By 1994, studies started for the restoration of the landmark and in 1999, the lighthouse opened to visitors. The reconstructed Light- keeper’s House was lost to a fire in 1998, but reconstructed and opened in 2001. 609-449- 1360.
Tatham’s Life Saving Station: Built in 1895, it is the oldest building in Stone Harbor and has been in continuous service to the county as an American Legion Post and a museum, honoring the history of the lifesaving service, the United States Coast Guard and the military.
The Ocean City Life Saving Station: Dating from 1886, it was one of 45 stations along the coast before the modern-day Coast Guard was formed in 1915. Architecturally, the station is the only surviving example of the four 1882-Type stations built in New Jersey,
and one of six surviving buildings of this type built between 1882 and 1891.
Both the Tatham and Ocean City Life Saving Stations are listed on The National Register of Historic Places as are East Point, Cape May, Absecon and Hereford Inlet lighthouses. G
 SPECIAL LIGHTHOUSE EVENTS National Lighthouse Day: Celebrate National Lighthouse Day at the Cape May Lighthouse. On Aug. 7, 1789, the United States Bureau of Lighthouses was created by the 9th Act of the first Congress that placed lighthouses under federal control. Legislation to declare Aug. 7 the National Lighthouse Day was signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. 609-884-5404; 800-275-4278;
Delaware Bay Lighthouse Cruises: Mid-Atlantic
Center for the Arts sponsors Delaware Bay Lighthouse Cruises from April to September to view and photograph lighthouses, built in the 19th and 20 centuries, in the middle of the bay to help captains navigate the treacherous channels. The lonely existence of life in tiny lighthouses, surrounded by water and far from land, drove one keeper to commit suicide in 1911. 609-884-5404; 800- 275-4278;
Lighthouse Challenge Weekend: New Jersey lighthouses, museums, and lifesaving stations host a Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey Oct. 17 and 18 when the public is invited (and challenged!) to visit all participating lighthouses and help raise funds for continued lighthouse preservation. Information about participating lighthouses is; and
   Atlantic City Lighthouse

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