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 The Inn preserves storied past of Smithville
 ONCE A HISTORIC stagecoach stop, the Historic Smithville Inn is now the centerpiece of a recreated village of cobblestoned walkways, foot bridges, shops, a bed and breakfast inn, restaurants and attractions.
In the 1950s, as part of a long-range plan to create an historical attraction similar to Colonial Williamsburg, additional historic buildings from around South Jersey were moved to the site and converted into shops and other facilities.
In the summer families can enjoy paddle boat rides around the lake, lemonade in hand, as their feet propel them through the water providing a different view of the village.
The Colonial Inn Bed and Breakfast offers luxurious amenities and it’s a quick walk to the Historic Smithville Inn that provides a sophisticated dining experience or enjoy the ambiance of Fred and Ethel’s Lantern Light Tavern.
The Historic Smithville Inn has been a National Historic Landmark for over 50 years and the James Baremore tavern, named
for the founder of the inn, preserves the storied past of this property.
The Towne of Historic Smithville and The
Village Greene are 15 miles north of Atlantic City, Route 9 and Moss Mill Road. 609-652-7777 or 609-748-8999; G

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