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Talk to the Tigers at the Cohanzick Zoo. Mahesha which means “great lord”, and Rishi which translates to “poet” in Sanskrit, are Bengal tigers who weighed only about 20 pounds each when they arrived at the Cohanzick Zoo about four years ago. Now, these cats tipped the scales at an impressive 400 to 450 pounds and measure nearly 10 feet in length! You can meet Mahesha, Rishi and their keeper every day at Tiger Talk at 2
PM and learn more about these fascinating felines who live at the Cohanzick Zoo.
Red River Hogs, also known as “tufted pigs”, are the most colorful members of the pig family with striking red coats and distinctive elf-like ears. Zeus, Etoshe, Katwe, and Chloe enjoy spending their time rooting around their habitat – to relax they piles into one of the many wallows they’ve dug.
African Leopard sisters, Nakia and Shuri, have settled into their new habitat across
from the hogs. Nakia sports a normal spotted coat, while her sister Shuri has black coat. Black, or melanistic, leopards are fairly common and actually do have spots. They are a little harder to see, but look closely in just the right light!
Cohanzick Zoo is New Jersey’s first zoo was established in 1934 and has been home to thousands of animals over its 80+ year history. Along with tigers, bears and gibbons, the zoo also provides homes to injured, non- releasable wildlife, orphaned wildlife and unwanted exotic animals from the pet trade.
Annual zoo events include KidsFest on the first Saturday in May, and Boo-at-the- Zoo, on the third Saturday in October. Event information is on the zoo’s Facebook page.
Admission to the zoo is free, but donations are appreciated and help provide food and care for the animals. The zoo is open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Weather- related closings are updated on the Cohanzick Zoo’s Facebook page.
Bridgeton City Park also has a children’s splash park across the zoo parking lot plus scenic walking trails and Sunset Lake. 45 Mayor Aitken Drive, Bridgeton; 856-453-1658; G

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