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something for everyone – two aquariums featuring a host of native animals found in the marsh or along the coast, an interactive touch tank, guided marsh walks and live animal presentations. The Institute also holds a variety of special events and festivals throughout the year including guided boat, SUP, and kayak tours of the marsh, Turtle Fest, Crabulous Crab Day, a native plant sale, the Spring Shorebird and Horseshoe Crab Festival, and many more for the whole family to enjoy.
The Wetlands Institute has a variety of hands-on, feet-wet opportunities for kids from pre-k through high school, including summer, scout, and homeschool programs. All programs emphasize nature education where it happens – getting kids out and learning about the world around them by experiencing it firsthand.
Though the Institute offers opportunities for people of all ages to learn about the natural world, a visit can also be a chance for quiet contemplation. Situated amid the beauty of the salt marsh, the Institute’s grounds encourage you to relax, reconnect, and experience the wonder of nature and the spectacle of life surrounding you. 1075 Stone Harbor Blvd.; 609- 368-1211. G
The Wonders of Nature
 HEADED DOWN Stone Harbor Boulevard but before Stone Harbor, you’ll come to an extraordinary place that for a half-century has been at the forefront of environmental research, conservation, and education: The Wetlands Institute.
Founded in 1969 by Herbert Mills, executive director of the World Wildlife Fund, The Wetlands Institute was envisioned as a world- class organization dedicated to learning about and protecting South Jersey’s coastal salt marshes.
This habitat is vital to a variety of unique animals and plants, integral to a healthy fishery and critically important to shielding coastal towns from storm-driven flooding.
Fifty years later, The Wetlands Institute is still going strong, holding true to its mission and internationally recognized as an environmental and educational leader. It’s also become a treasured resource to the Southern New Jersey area, and a point of pride. Open year-round, the Institute offers

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