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How to prevent or treat common illnesses and injuries
 IT’S SUMMER along New Jersey’s Southern Shore! Families head to our area for our great beaches, parks, Boardwalks and other attractions from early spring to late fall – and beyond.
Most of us think about what clothes and other items to bring when we’re getting ready to head to the shore. Of course, we also plan about what we want to do and attractions we want to visit but we should also think about ways to stay safe and healthy while we’re enjoying our vacation.
Here are some tips to help you avoid – or deal with – minor, non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.
Pack a personal first aid kit and bring an adequate supply of medications. Store medications safely and don’t leave them in a hot vehicle.
Hot, humid weather can lead to discomfort as well as serious medical conditions. Over exposure to sun can result in heat cramps and heat exhaustion. If you feel disoriented, weak or begin to experience headaches, your body is telling you that you need to go inside where it is cool. Prevention is the best
approach by drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Avoid coffee and alcohol while you’re in the sun since caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate your body.
Another suggestion: wear long pants and long sleeves, especially during early morning and late afternoon and evening hours, when mosquitos and other insect counts are high.
Use insect repellent spray to help avoid bug bites and if you are allergic to bee stings, always carry your prescribed allergy medication.
Tick bites are also common in the summer. After spending time outdoors, especially in wooded areas, check for ticks and their bites. If a rash develops or you experience flu-like symptoms, visit a primary care provider to be screened for Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.
It’s not always about summer. Maybe you’re here in the late fall, winter or early spring when a slip and fall might happen, or perhaps a bad cold, flu or other respiratory issues.
AtlantiCare Urgent Care treats minor illnesses and injuries including broken bones, burns, cuts, sprains, muscle spasms and sprains. Urgent care facilities are open seven days a week at 16 locations around southern New
Jersey and no appointments are necessary.
To locate an AtlantiCare Urgent Care Center, visit or call 1-888-569-1000. G
By Dr. Rajinder Chugh Medical Director, AtlantiCare Urgent Care

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