Page 158 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
P. 158

 Key Club
First Row, left to right: K. Sullivan, E. Scalera, J. Torres, S. Brown, R. Ramos. Second Row: M. Seitz, |. Blackman, J. Delaney, L. Lim, K. Shutello. Third Row: S. Sharma, H. Snyder, L. Tobin, L. Stout, S. Blechinger, N. Sharma.
The Key Club, a non-profit organization involved with charity work, has enjoyed more success during '87-'88 than previous years. The Thanksgiving food drive for the needy, the Christmas present drive for battered and abused children, and the adoption of a Foster Child from Haiti are just some of the successful projects that the vigorous club has achieved.

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