Page 161 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
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 Peer Leadership
This year the Peer Leadership Program took on a much
larger responsibility than in the past. A transition is taking place so that next year the program will turn its attention towards the eighth grade instead of the freshmen. This year, however, saw a unique group geared toward eighth and ninth graders. Due to the large number of partici­ pants, the advisors felt the need for sixteen peer leaders instead of the traditional twelve. The peer leaders en­ gaged in such exciting events as summer retreat in Blair- stown, a holiday party, the cabaret and a final winter retreat. Through tremendous effort by the advisors-Leslie Rudnyanszky, Tom Broadhead, Janice Schroeder and El­ len Spinner-as well as constant dedication on the part of the seniors, the Peer Leadership Group found great suc­ cess in their efforts to help many underclassmen adjust to
high school life.

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