Page 51 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
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 Most Likely To . . .
become a masseur (Seth Kamenstein)
replace Lloyd Lindsay Young (Keith Cagan)
open a hair salon where clients are tutored while having their hair done (Lisa Lim) become the next Jack La Lane (Ben Samim)
oversleep for graduation (Bill Carrington)
be overdrawn on her Gold Card (Liza Ruiz)
replace Jim McKay at the 1996 Olympics (Mark Clifford)
star in the next L'Eggs commercial (Greta Bouterse)
become the next Mr. Goodwrench (Kelly Evans)
work for Century 21 (Leslie Leonowicz)
spend the rest of her life revealing letters on the Wheel of Fortune (Sasha Blechinger) become Mrs. Brady (Ann Wyman)
turn into a historic artifact in the senior lounge (Geoff Abramson)
turn seventeen one of these days (Sajid Khan)
weigh 200 pounds by age twenty-five (Kerry Walsh)
weight 205 pounds by the age twenty-five (Ketan Dalai)
win the Pillsbury Bake-off Contest (Jodi Goldblatt)
become the first U.S. woman President (Laura Stout)
become the head cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys (Laurie Tobin)
write a symphony (Doug Bogar)
marry Boris Becker (Kathy Shutello)
get lost "Down Under" (John Keenoy)
never show up for college classes (Stephanie Monaco)
have a nervous breakdown while attending five colleges (Jim Delaney)
marry Morton Downey (Kerry Tremayne)
crash a B.M.W. and not know it (Mindy Miller)
get lost in her own pocketbook (Ann Marie Lewandowski)
to find her (Jennifer Seline)
start a children's carpooling business (Johnny Rogers)
become the next host of Dance Fever (Chris Sanders)
become a game show host (Eric Velasco)
invent a new eye make-up product called "Mascaro's Mascara" (Laura Mascaro)
grow (Jason Hall)
go to war in tie-dyed camouflage army gear (Ed Kohler)
star as Dorothy in the next TV production of The Wizard of Oz (Laura Wilson) own a one story house (Arline Moreno)
buy American (Landy Lin)
get lost while riding his bike (Craig Callan)
become an instrutor at the N.J. Driving School (Jill Karnell) marry a girl with the last name of 'Smith' (Marc Laudonio) to star in Top Cun II (Tim Reynolds)
own all the Friendly's in the Tri-State area (Andy Michielli) frown (Gina Mansolino)
wipe out on the Bunny Slope at Vernon Valley (Alexis Sollaccio)
get a perm (Aliza Danner)
impersonate Pee Wee Herman without openning his mouth (Bill Capodanno)

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