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Varsity Wrestling (9,10,11,12) co-captain 12 Rock Workshop (11,12)
Debate Club (10,11,12) Peer Leadership (12) Stage Crew (9,10,11,12)
"Do What Thou Wilt" - Aleister Crowley
"The greatest thing you can ever do now, is trade a smile with someone who's blue now" - Led Zeppelin
"Be true to yourself" - Mom
"And thougn our health we drank a thousand times, it's time to ramble on." - Led Zeppelin
"Never Surrender-Keep your dreams alive Never Surrender-spread your wings and fly." Triumph
Geoffrey Lewis Abramson
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Jason Blackman
J.V. Tennis (9,10,11), Varsity Track (12), Key Club (9,10,11,12), Devel­ opment Club (9,10,11), Health Careers Club (11), Choracle (9,10,11,12), Production Staff (12), Swim Team (9).
"Those who succeed are those who take advantage of their opportu­ nities." - Anonymous
"When one is pleased with onself the entire world seems better." - Higgins
"There is only one direction in the faces that I see and it's upward.' - Genesis

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