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 Jodi Helene Goldblatt
Activities-Varsity Lacrosse manager (9), Varsity Field Hockey manager (10), Varsity Track manager (10), J.V. Volleyball (10), Varsity Volleyball (11,12), Varsity Track (11,12), Varsity Soccer manager (12), Chorale (9,10,11), Prom Committee (12), Key Club (9,10)
"We might be laughing a bit too loud but that never hurt no one" - Billy Joel
"I'm living way beyond my ways and means, living in the zone of the inbetweens." - Peter Gabriel
"I know it's not much but it's the best I can do, my gift is my song and this one's for you." - Elton John
./ '-r- ■r-
Varsity Football (9-12- captain) Musical (11) Varsity Basketball (9-12) Photographer (11) Varsity Track (10) Band (9-11)
"It's a big wonder why I haven't gone under" - Public Enemy "Ain't Nobody bad like me " - Morris Day
Lets Co crazy, lets get down -Prince
"I cannot be beat" - Mr. T
"Looks like we made it." - Barry Manilo
Jason Hall

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