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Liza Gayle Ruiz
Varsity Tennis (10,11,12,) Jr. Varsity Volleyball (10) Varsity Volleyball (11-Captain, 12) Debate Club (10) Health Careers Club (11,12) Public Relations Staff (11,12-Student Advisor) Boys Tennis Manager (10) Peer Leadership (12)
"You're always trying to change my mind. All you're doing is wasting time. Don't try to make me someone that I'm not. I am what I am and you can't change that." - Anonymous
"Let's go out and have some fun." - New Order
"I can't tell you where we're going. I guess there's just no way of knowing." - New Order
"As the day ends, so begin the hopes and dreams of tomorrow" - Anonymous
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye." - Antoine de Saint Exupery
Key Club (9,10,11,12); Health Careers (9,10,11,12); Varsity Wrestling (10); Varsity Football (10,11,12); Varsity Track (10,11,12); Musical (10); Chorus (9,10,11); Development Club (10,11)
"AHHHHHHHHH ............ I'M BAD!!!" - L. L. COOL J.
"I want to be the one in control" - Janet Jackson
"Gimme Action, Action, Action not words" - Janet Jackson "All I really want is girls!" - Beastie Boys
"It is not important what lies behind you or what lies before you, but what lies within you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"My strength is my determination. I just want to keep getting bet­ ter." - Randy Rhoads
"As I walk away I think to myself If you go back on the past You're only hurting yourself" - Anonymous
"Tm pulling outta here to win" - Bruce Springsteen
Benjamin Samim

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