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                                                                                                                                          Wednesday 18 May 2016

Trump University lawsuit headed
to New York’s highest court 

MICHAEL VIRTANEN                  Schneiderman      alleges       It had received complaints
Associated Press                                                  that prompted an investi-
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Pre-          Trump University was unli-      gation beginning in 2011.
sumptive Republican presi-                                        The attorney general said
dential nominee Donald            censed and promised les-        that many of the 5,000
Trump probably won’t                                              students who paid up to
have to defend himself            sons with real estate experts   $35,000 each thought they
against a civil fraud lawsuit                                     would at least meet Trump
linked to his failed real es-     hand-picked by Trump but        but instead all they got
tate school until after the                                       was their photos taken in
election.                         didn’t deliver. The university  front of a life-size picture of
The state’s highest court is                                      “The Apprentice” TV star.q
expected to decide next           changed its name before
year whether to dismiss a
fraud lawsuit by the state’s      closing in 2010.                                                 In this Tuesday, May 10, 2016 file photo, Republican presiden-
Democratic attorney gen-                                                                           tial candidate Donald Trump gestures as he speaks during
eral seeking more than $40        Trump, a billionaire New                                         an interview with The Associated Press in his office at Trump
million in restitution for thou-                                                                   Tower, in New York. 
sands of Trump University         York real estate mogul and
students plus penalties.                                                                                                                                            Associated Press
In March, the midlevel Ap-        former reality television
pellate Division rejected
Trump’s request to dismiss        show star, has denied any
the 2013 lawsuit. That court
on Tuesday granted The            wrongdoing.
Trump Entrepreneur Initia-
tive’s request to file a fur-     Trump attorney Alan Gar-
ther appeal. That normally
means arguments and a             ten said Tuesday that
ruling at the Court of Ap-
peals in a year.                  they’re pleased to have
The midlevel court also
had denied Attorney Gen-          the opportunity to pursue
eral Eric Schneiderman’s
request for an immediate          the case and that one
judgment, saying issues
of fact need to be deter-         prominent issue is whether
mined at trial.
                                  the applicable statute of

                                  limitations is three years for

                                  claims, as they maintain, or

                                  six years.

                                  “It would have an effect

                                  on how many potential

                                  people would be involved

                                  in the claims,” he said.

                                  Schneiderman said he’s

                                  confident the top court

                                  will reject most of Trump’s


                                  “It’s no surprise that Donald

                                  Trump is using every legal

                                  option to avoid standing tri-

                                  al for operating a sham for-

                                  profit university,” he said.

                                  Schneiderman’s office filed

                                  the lawsuit in August 2013.
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