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    Open Date:
    April 28, 2016

    Close Date:
    May 20, 2016


                        Request for information (RFI)

                        Decentralized Solar PV

                        Integrated Project (DSPVIP)

                        Request for Information Number: RFI 16-1325


                        The water and power company of the island of Aruba known as Water- en Energiebedrijf Aruba
                        N.V. (WEB Aruba), herewith notifies that it is seeking information from qualified and established
                        Local and / or International companies/ organizations who are interested in participating in the
                        Decentralized Solar PV Integrated Project (DSPVIP).

                        Information about WEB Aruba

                        WEB Aruba is one of the pillars of Utilities Aruba N.V., the utility holding company,
                        with the Aruban Government (GoA) as the only shareholder. WEB Aruba is responsible
                        for the production and distribution of water and generation of electricity that is delivered to N.V.
                        Elmar, the national electricity distribution company.

                        Envisioned Future of WEB Aruba

                        The envisioned future of WEB Aruba is to be ’Cleaner, Greener and Fuel Oil Free by 2020’.
                        In order to achieve this, WEB Aruba needs to engage in cleaner and greener technologies
                        (renewables) for a more sustainable energy and water supply. Cleaner technologies will lead to
                        less emissions, therefore reduce carbon foot print and have
                        a positive impact on the environment.

                        Project description

                        The GoA through its “Energy Committee” has assigned WEB Aruba to develop the next
                        Decentralized Solar PV Integration projects (DSPVIP). It is the intention of WEB Aruba to start
                        with a Solar PV project that is divided into the following two sub projects:

                        Sub-Project 1:                                Sub-Project 2:

                        Large Scale Solar PV Park                     Solar PV Systems on Rooftops
                                                                      of Schools and Buildings

                        Consisting of a “large scale” solar ground    Consisting of the installation of Solar PV
                        mounted PV system to be installed on a        systems on rooftops of public schools and
                        property, with a total estimated capacity of  public buildings with a total estimated
                        5MWp.                                         capacity of 2.5MWp.

                        For additional information and documents available for downloading,
                        please visit the RFI Solar notice page on:

                        ROC  KY MOUNTAIN  CARBON

In collaboration with:                    WAR ROOM

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