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   Keeping everyone safe at Outdoor Interiors during the Pandemic remains our greatest priority for our company and families in 2020. Good health followed by committed, hard work begins first with our incredible team in Vietnam. Alex, my dear friend and business partner since 2006, along with Zan’s detailed coordination, has allowed us to have the best sales year in our history! Our sales expectations for the balance of 2020 and into the new year remain promising. The great capacity of our factory partners and their foresight has allowed us to deliver on many new and exciting modifications within our current product line. This happens only through years of trusted relationships.
Since early Spring we have added two new associates with Tessa and Samantha strengthening our social media, customer service, marketing, sales and operational efforts. Kristin has been there every minute of every day with love and support, helping us to grow our team and getting us thru Spring. After 13 years, Melinda continues to oversee our

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