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  Ivory Composite with Eucalyptus Dining Table
Our Ivory composite tabletop and bench construction is made from a molded poly resin, blended with a powdered concrete for texture and density. The final unique finish which appears like freshly made white and ivory concrete is durable and resistant to many tough stains and cleans up easily for many years of use and enjoyment! The Brazilian Eucalyptus table and bench bases are gently brushed for texture, and then stained and washed in a beautiful lasting finish. Our hand woven wheat wicker is the highest quality HDPE synthetic wicker. Olefin performance fabrics complete the set.
   A. 46636
Ivory Composite & Eucalyptus Wash Dining Table
74" x 38"
B. 46520
Wheat Wicker & Eucalyptus Wash Arm Chair with Handles, 2 Pack (Includes Olefin cushions)
C. 46404
Ivory Composite & Eucalyptus Wash Bench 74” x 14” x 18”H
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Wheat Wicker
Ivory Composite

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