Page 5 - What Is The ROI Of Working With A PEO?
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 Here’s How PEOs Save Costs and Increase Revenue
All of the above sounds great, but now you want to know how much this will cost. Here’s the thing— for most businesses, it’s going to cost you less than hiring a new HR team member. Along with a buffet of business services(payroll, HR, benefits, safety, workers’ comp, and more), PEOs give you access to a team of experts that help you work smarter, grow faster, and make more money. In all actuality, instead of asking what is it going to cost, a better question to ask might be, what is it costing you by not having a PEO? Read further to see what we mean.
Attracts Talented Employees and Improves Retention
A PEO can help your company attract high-quality employees. Aside from salary, workers want a great benefits package above all else. They want access to affordable and quality health coverage, reasonable time off and leave benefits, and work flexibility. Hint: You can ditch the pizza parties—forced fun is no fun!
All of this also helps improve your employee retention. When employees are happy, they’re more productive and loyal, increasing retention and revenue. All while reducing costs because you don’t have to spend as much time and effort replacing departing employees and training new ones.

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