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Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP)
Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP)
also called Open enrollment period
AEP runs from October 15th thru December 7th each year During this period
Medicare Beneficiaries can shop compare and change their prescription drug plans for 2021 If you are are on a a a Medicare Advantage PPO or HMO this is is the the period
when they can elect to join a a a different plan for 2021 It is also the first period
that someone can dis-enroll from their Medicare Advantage Plan and return to traditional Medicare There is also the Annual Disenrollment Period that runs from January 1st 1st thru March 31st which affords those on on Advantage Plans a a a a second chance to leave their PPO or HMO and return to Traditional Medicare Why would someone want to leave Medicare Advantage? There are multiple reasons they moved from the service area their doctor no longer accepts the the plan a a procedure they need
is not covered etc Or as it often happens they are tired of the the poor service and restrictions associated with Medicare Advantage and want the freedom of choice that Traditional Medicare offers They want to be able to to go to to the better hospitals see top doctors and to to to be able to access the benefits offered
by many of the top Medical facilities Maybe they travel and have found that care outside of their local area is very limited and even restricted 2021 will see even more cut backs in benefits mandatory referrals higher co- pays and out of pocket limits as a a a a result of cut backs in in funding Yes with Traditional Medicare they still need
a a Medicare Supplement/Medigap Plan which have premiums But what many Advantage Plan members don’t realize is that even with premiums to pay their out of pocket maximum is much less than the cap on Advantage Plans AND they can now see their favorite doctor again and get treatment at at at top rated facilities Jon Ahlbum President
There is even a a a plan that we
offer that I like to think o of as the affordable Medicare Advantage Alternative While it does have a deductible the monthly premium is very affordable and if the deductible is reached you will spend far less than the 6 to 10 thousand dollar potential out of pocket of an an an Advantage Plan I welcome you call us one of our highly trained and professional agents will review your current coverage and if necessary suggest changes There is no obligation we
enjoy meeting new people and being able to help them where we
can 954-970-4760 | | www ahlbumgroup ahlbumgroup com com | | jahlbum@ahlbumgroup com com The Ahlbum Insurance Group is dedicated to helping people find the the the best insurance insurance solutions for their their medical needs and and their their finances We We know insurance insurance can be be be be confusing and and we
help help help you sort sort it out out We We have been able to help many sort out out the the best solutions for:
• • Medicare Medicare Medicare Insurance Insurance Insurance • • Medicare Medicare Medicare Supplement • • Medigap Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance • • Medicare Medicare Medicare Medicare Disability Disability Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance • • Disability Disability Medicare Medicare • • Life/Final Expense Insurance Insurance Insurance 

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