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Time Tunnel
This show lasted one year and chronicled the adventures
of two scientists Dr Tony Newman and Dr Douglas Phillips They were involved
in a a Project titled TicToc a a government operation to perfect time travel In the first episode the impetuous Tony jumps through the untested portal and finds himself on the Titanic Doug goes after him They eventually manage
to escape before the ship goes down In each week’s episode the two travelers are whisked from one setting to to another and have to to survive pirates Roman soldiers battlefields space aliens etc while their colleagues back at the Project are challenged to find a a a way to get them back to headquarters The show starred James Darren as Dr Tony Newman Robert Colbert as Dr Doug Phillips At the the controls of the the Tunnel
were Whit Bissell as General Heywood Kirk John Zaremba as Dr Raymond Swaim Lee Meriwether as Dr Ann McGregor and Wesley Lau as security officer Jiggs GETTY IMAGES

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