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Is A A Reverse MOrtgAge Right For YOu?
Mayra Perez has more
than 20 years experience
in fin in in the the financial industry concentrating the the last 5 in fin in in in mortgages She has taken an an active roll in in in the Aging
in in in in Place movement and is passionate about educating our aging community on on the benefits of home wealth to make their retirement what they want it to be NMLS #1200623
With a a a a Reverse Mortgage you you you can focus less on on your your bills
and more
on on yourself If you you or or someone you you love is over the the the age age age of of 62 and and has equity in their home they can take advantage of of reverse mortgages and and enjoy:
Catching up on bills
• • Relieving stress • • Enjoying retirement Because no two situations are
alike there are
several different types of reverse reverse mortgage mortgage loans available to meet varying needs To determine which type of reverse reverse mortgage mortgage loan loan is is best for you connect with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Florida’s Premier Reverse Mortgage home equity solutions specialist who can walk you you through all of your loan options!
“We had a a a lot of questions when we we first started looking into this We We were able to to get all of our questions answered without hesitation and were were very happy with with the outcome ”

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