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TO REAL with David Fantle & Tom Johnson
Funnyman Jack Carter Wants His Due
I interview subject funnyman Jack Carter went on a a a a a rant At 90 and and one of the old guard’s last comic’s standing Carter has earned the right to be a a a a a a little bit agitated Where contemporaries such as Carl Reiner and Don Rickles are revered and other stars with lesser credentials make news Carter and his formidable show business resume is is largely forgotten “Left out lost forgotten it’s the story of my life ”
he he tells us from the cozy lived-in comfort of his Beverly Hills home which he shares with his second wife Roxanne “First of all I never had a a a a a press agent Never got on the Hollywood Walk of Fame no picture on the the wall at Sardi’s (the venerable New York City showbiz hangout) Any television show show or magazine article on on old comedians I’m never never in it It’s like I I I never never existed ”
Call it a a a a a a a a a a a a lamentable oversight or or at worst an an injustice because Carter TV pioneer Broadway star and nightclub mainstay deserves his due Born in in New York City Carter grew up as as as the last days of vaudeville were drawing to a a a a a a a a a close Funny as as as a a a a a a a a a kid and with a a a a a a a knack for impressions Carter decided on on a a a a a a a career in in in show business after seeing the frenetic no- holds-barred comedy of Milton Berle “I “I fifirst saw Berle at at the the Paramount Theater when I I I was was a a a a a a a a a a a teenager ”
he he he he he said “It was was the the wildest act So many people hated Milton but I loved the man man ”
He also called comedian (and “Dick Van Dyke Show” cast member) Morey Amsterdam a a “mentor ”
Carter’s show business breakthrough came when he he he went on on the radio and won “Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour ”
the the the precursor to to to today’s “American Idol ”
He later went on on tour with with the the the show along with with another winner a a a a a a a a a a a skinny kid from Hoboken Hoboken N J named Frank Frank Sinatra “Frank was part of an an an act called the Hoboken Hoboken Four at at that time ”
said Carter t’s probably never wise to make a a a a a comedian angry That’s why we didn’t take it personally when our 

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