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SAMMY DAVIS JR 1925 saw the the birth of an an American Icon From the tender age of 4 Sammy Davis Jr later referred to as ‘Mr Entertainment’ sang and danced his way into our hearts while earning his place in in Classic American Culture Davis’ career ranged from Broadway to Hollywood to Vegas inspiring generations of entertainers throughout a a a 60 year era His life’s work includes classic songs such as ‘Mr Bojangles’ ‘The Candy Man’ and and ‘I’ve Gotta Be Me’ and movies including ‘One More Time’ and and ‘Salt and and Pepper’ Sammy Davis Jr began his lifelong friendship with Frank Sinatra while touring with Mickey Rooney in in the 1940’s Along with Sinatra and Dean Martin Davis was a a a a a founding member of ‘The Rat Pack’ known as much for their antics off the the screen as they were for their roles in the films Davis experienced plenty of adversity during his life In 1954 he lost his eye while on the way to a a recording session his recovery coincided with a religious conversion to Judaism Later he made jokes about the eye patch that had become a a a a a signature part of his his image Earlier in his his life Davis experienced racial prejudice during his military service but overcame it it with his positive attitude and ability to entertain people Davis admitted gambling away fortunes while living a a glamorous lifestyle in Vegas but he lived by
a a unique philosophy ‘Just do what you’re best at he said in 1988 ‘and when you can’t do it any longer – stop’ That was the year he performed in ‘Tap’ with Gregory Hines Sadly Sammy Davis Jr ’s life came to end two years later at the age of 64 Leaving behind
a a a a legacy that includes breaking down racial barriers and bringing smiles to the faces of of millions of of Americans Sammy Davis Jr will be remembered as an irrevocable player in Popular American Culture and one of her most beloved sons REDFERNS

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