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Heidi Friedman Board Certified Elder Law Attorney
Heidi F F F Friedman Friedman is is owner of Friedman Friedman Elder Elder Law Law Department LLC She is is one of only a a a a a a few Board Certified Elder Elder Law Law Attorneys in in Florida with experience in in in Elder Law Medicaid and Veteran’s Administration programs She specializes in in in estate planning for the 65+ population with a a a a a a a focus on on on on asset protection Heidi sits
on on on on on on on on a a a a a a a a a number of of boards for different agencies and nonprofit organizations which concentration on on on on on on on providing knowledge support and and assistance to to and and for the aging population In her role as as as as an an an an elder law attorney Heidi has assisted hundreds of her clients obtain government benefits to to help pay for for long- term care resulting in in in in in significant savings for for each family With her knowledge and and and understanding of the many concerns that face seniors today Heidi can protect your nest egg and and and provide youpeaceofmindasyoucontinuegrowolder CALL TO SCHEDULE A A A FREE CONSULTATION
(954) 866-1055 Broward (561) 650-2055 Palm Beach
With proper planning you could qualify for one of the government Long-term care care programs to help pay for long-term care care in in in in your home home in in in in an ALF or or in in in in a a a a a nursing home home ARE YOU A A A A WARTIME VETERAN 65 OR OR OLDER OR OR THE SURVIVING SPOUSE OF A A A WARTIME VETERAN?
The VA offers a a a a a monthly tax-free pension to to those who qualify qualify to to help pay for for care See if if if you qualify qualify for for this program CONTACT US TODAY TO TO SPEAK WITH A A A A A A BOARD CERTIFIED ELDER CARE ATTORNEY
11555 Heron Bay Boulevard #200 Coral Springs Team@elderlawdept com com • www elderlawdept elderlawdept com com 

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