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Congresswoman Frankel Addresses the Alliance Board
virusandprotectivegear Unemploymentwouldbeextendedtotheendof the the year which will assist people in in paying for rent and and mortgages There is is also some student loan relief Millions of of Americans are unemployed and many businesses have closed down This bill would place money back into the the pockets of of Americans and and stimulate the the the economy South Palm Beach County businesseshavebeenhithardbytheCOVID-19pandemic Barsand restaurants that have have been been popular haunts of the the local community for for years are closing It may be be too late for for establishments such as Sweet Tomatoes Caffe Martier Max’s Harvest Zorba’s Taverna and and Blue Island Fish but others attempting to stay afloat may fair better with this new stimulus package One major issue is is is that there are gaps in in in in in in state and local government funding which is is is is is leading to to a a a a a a a a a a a diminution of services including first responders This bill would provide economic assistance to to to these local governments Forexample inPalmBeachCountytourismhassuffered and the the taxes that are counted on on to to drive the the economy have been diminished This stimulus package could provide assistance assistance Ultimately there will be some additional assistance assistance from the the the the federal government so so the the the the public needs to stay informed and current on on the the the the progress of this bill On September 16 2020 Congresswoman Lois Frankel addressed the the Alliance of of Delray Board
of of Directors via ZOOM (see photo) in order toprovideaCOVID-19updatefromthefederallevel Thediscussion surrounded the the the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act Act also referred to as the the the “Heroes Act” which will enable health and and and economic recovery during the the the COVID-19 pandemic and and and supplements the the earlier CARES Act stimulus package The bill is proposed to address concerns such as providing enough tests for the the Wildlife Conflicts Increase as as Land is Cleared for Development
Now more more than ever more more open space is is being created to to make way for new development in in in in in in in PalmBeachCountyresultinginadiminishingwildlifehabitat Residentsneedtoworkonpreventing human-wildlifeconflicts Further understandingwildlifebehavioranditsbeneficialvaluescan
help property owners to appreciate and and and and coexist with non-domesticated animals and and and and reduce
negative impacts Humane traps may may remove an an an an an an animal but also may may simply open up the the the territory to to to another Certainaccommodationscanbemadetoavoidwildlifeconflicts Removingattractantsisthenumber onesolutionanditisbeneficialtorealizehowanimalsseethebackyard Forexample fruittrees andvegetablegardenswiththeirripeandfallingfruitattractwildlife soharvestingthefruitasearly aspossibleandkeepingthegroundfreeofripeandrottingfruitisessential Unsecuredgarbageis anotherattractant Raccoons(seephoto)havegreatdexterityandcantearopenbagsandevenpull outscreensplinetoenterthehometoreachagarbagecan Outsidegarbagecanscanbesecured with bungee cords and garbage garbage garbage should not be exposed inside screened patios Feeding pets outside can attract attract wildlife as as as as well so it it it is important to remove the the the food when the the the pet pet hashaditsfill Grillsshouldbekeptsupercleanasthegreasewillattractahungryanimal Birdfeedersareawonderfulwayofobservingwildlife However theydoattractsquirrels raccoons chipmunks and and and other four-legged creatures that that can then seek unsecured crawl spaces attics andchimneys Therearewaystoconstructfeedersthatwillexclusivelyservebirdsandthere arealsowaystosecurespaceswithinthehomethatcouldpreventunwantednesting TheFlorida Fish and and Wildlife Commission provides instruction and and tips for securing attractants Thewebsiteis: myfwc com “From the the Everglades to the the Ocean”

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